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The Walking Dead

Woe Is Me

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What makes you think you can get away with murder
And just walk away from fucking everything?
You'll be the walking dead.
You'll be the walking dead, with our wills around your neck.

So our advice to you is just keep running.

Run from everyone and everything.
What makes you think that you could put our name to shame?
Rest in peace is what they say,
But how can you bury something that came from nothing;
Even though our dreams aren't dead?

And I just can't let this one go, so let's set the story straight.
We will be heard, no matter what the fuck it takes!
And I'll make you realize that you can place the blame,
But you can't erase me from this game.
Because as long as there's you, I'll do what it takes to prove we're still the same.

So what the fuck are we waiting for?
It's time we stand up for ourselves,
And if that doesn't make it clear enough
Then our friends are here to help.

We've been put down by everyone we thought we knew,
But we're just fine here 'cause we could never sink as low as you.
The times have changed, the tables turned.
I thought you'd get the point by now, but I guess that you will never learn.

So just look out for yourself, it seems to be your past time.
So here's your ticket to Hell, it seems you missed it the last time.
Welcome to Hell.

[Matty Mullins Part]

So now it's our turn to speak.
You'll have no choice but to hear us out,
When we tell them about the truth
And how you tried so hard to sell us out.
So just look out for yourself, it seems to be your past time.
So here's your ticket to Hell, it seems you missed it last time.

So welcome to Hell.

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