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Wiz Khalifa

What You Deserve (feat. Young Deji)

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Yo, yo, wassup
It's ya boy, Nick Budsworth
Right here with your 4/20 check-in
I know you're riding high out there
Make sure you buckle your seatbelts
We got a lot of traffic so you might wanna have one rolled
Drink lots of water 'cause it's hot out
And if you're gonna be out all night, don't watch for the police
'Cause they don't give a fuck if you're smoking these days
It's legal bitch

You know I got what you need baby
Know what you deserve
You know I got what you need baby
I'm what you deserve (Okay)

If my gang's in it, then you know it's legit
By the diamond rings, frozen fits
Legendary status close to it
Pounds growin' it, then we smokin' it
I ain't through with the game 'til I recoup everything that I'm supposed to get
Couple doors, open them
So niggas after me can get rich before they close again
If we ain't close, then we closin' it
Gettin' that chronic and holdin' it in
How many days he gon' roll again?
Made a mill, gettin' stoned with his friends
Makin' sure we look good for them pictures that we posin' in
Champagne bottles cold in the fridge
I'm goin' in and goin' again
Niggas sick, they got no defense
Can't block shit
Gettin' dollars make a lot of sense
Boy, your pockets full of lint
Pull 'em inside out before you sit

You know I got (Ha-ha-ha) what you need baby (Yeah, yup)
Know what you deserve
You know I got what you need baby
I'm what you deserve

Keep the drinks cold
Seen shit get worst so they don't care when they reach
Before the paper meet the ink, think
Got her own weed, got her own everything
Trips every week, 20k for a sit
Try to stay low-key but the paparazzi won't let me
Old Chevys, new Mercedes, a few ladies
A couple niggas who wanted millions since we was babies
I get the room so comfortable, she say she gotta stay (Gotta stay)
Money got made a lot today (A lot today)
Moving out them private tables, dirty your hand
If you wanna play
Risk it all before I play it safe
If you broke, I'ma stay away
It goes down if I okay it
Fours cars is where I stay at
Racin' boats, catchin' all the wave action
Jetlife, Taylor Gang captain
The ones you named your planes after

You know I got what you need baby
Know what you deserve
You know I got what you need baby
I'm what you deserve

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