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Wiz Khalifa

Ridin Round (Feat. Juicy J)

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[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Pulled up on some niggas stuntin'
I had to hop out, show em' I was really 'bout that money
Heard he was talkin', he was talkin', he ain't really want it
I'm from a place you want a problem niggas get it jumpin'
I mix some chronic up with hash up in the joint I'm stuffin'
And jump in my car, jump in my car, to the floor I'm gunnin'
And I've been shittin' since before I could afford the plumbin'
You niggas keep on talkin' classics, I got more that's comin'
Order somethin', uh

[Break: Juicy J]
Yeah, I roll through my old neighborhood
North Memphis, Evergreen, Hollywood, ?
You know what, let's get it

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Pushin' through my city like I'm Diddy, heavy on that dough
With a white girl with me in a two-seater, white girl full of coke
Straight from Memphis 10, ain't no hater gon' stop me
Juicy J been paid, got a Phantom in both pockets
I'm high as fuck, can't even see
Lookin' for your baby-mama, that bitch with me
Say I'm gon' get her high, she gon' fuck for free
Man she looks much better when she on her knees
Put her on the cabbage, I don't do the babbage
Smokin' all the green, rockin' all these karots
Ridin' 'round gettin' high ain't a bad habit
Make weed disappear, do you believe in magic? (You believe in magic?)

[Outro: Juicy J]
Ride around get high all day
No worries man
Tryin' to get some pussy tonight, you dig
And if a nigga still call my phone man, it's gon' always be about cash
Real talk
Mmhmm, yup
I ain't chasin' a ho man
Real talk, I'm on a paper chase
Well you niggas could do that shit if you want, but uh
I got too much money tied up
So, on that note, ain't gon' never stop makin' money
I know a lot of niggas be like, "Damn, nigga still at it"
I told you niggas, never
There will always be cash and hoes
Drugs, strip clubs ain't gon' never close
So y'all niggas know what it is

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