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Wiz Khalifa

Gold Bottles (feat. Young Deji)

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Yeah, yeah
We still in the mix
We got that Wiz Khalifa
We got that McQueen
We got that Taylor Gang
It’s all coming up next (Yeah, yup)
Stay lit

Get out the gold bottles, cars, got old models
Girls keep 'em in bunches, learn to roll with the punches
Buy anything that I want, would rather save up
Paper Chasers is what they labeled us
12 whips plus, but this one is my favorite
Pool'd up, playing my latest shit
Your girl tired of curated playlists
Nothing else to say, but let's get paid
We ain't promised tomorrow, so we leave today
Different stroke, same weed, rolled in a J
Another tour planned, slay to make a million dollars on the stage
Stick to the script, we on the same page
And if I ain't do it yet, then you can bet-
More diamond chains, Porsches and Corvettes
Pullin' up to the set, get nothing respect
Niggas fuck with the gang and love the Jet's
Been around the world for the checks
This ain't checkers, it's chess
You better make your best move next

Every day, every day
Every day's a better day
And it's all love, it's all love

FaceTimes from the homies saying I'm doing a great job
When you thoroughbred, it ain't hard
Do more than just play the cards
My son future what I'm saving for
Me falling off, shit that's what they banking on
That ain't really rapper weed, you just think it's strong
She ain't really in your corner, you just think she's yours
Several floors, you could smell the Kush through the door
Wraith generations, we don't need awards
Ain't doing red carpets no more, just send my shit to the crib if I win
Lately, I been going in, customizing rims
Hittin' off models that's slim, who ride and say they wanna come get high again
Sliding in a Benz
A hundred million dollars, I been trying since a kid
There ain't no KK on it, I ain't flying in it then
Gotta represent, new residents
Never hesitant, dead presidents

Every day, every day
Every day's a better day
And it's all love, it's all love

Like I said y'all, it's going down, W-E-E-D
Shout out to Wiz Khalifa, man
He's in town tonight and he's got a special guest with him
He's bringing the Khalifa Kush with him as well
And uhm, speaking of Khalifa Kush
I heard Wiz has an Oreo commerical
Featuring his own son Sebastian
And we actually got Sebastian on the line right now
That's right, Wiz Khalifa's six year old son Sebastian is on the line right now
Sebastian, what do you wanna hear?
Some player shit!

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