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What's Your Vice-


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I don't be judging people anymore man
We all got our problems
I know I got mine
But we're all human beings
And we're all equal

I be gettin' fucked up, every day
Cause every time I'm fucked up all my pain goes away
It used to be fun, now it's becoming a problem
But before you point your finger at me look at yourself and tell me if you got one
Tell me what's your vice

Is it money?
Is it pussy?
Is it cocaine?
Is it alcohol?
Is it giving?
Is it loving?
Is it betting everything on basketball?
Is it money?
Is it pussy?
Is it cocaine?
Is it alcohol?
Is it giving?
Is it loving?
Or is it that you just don't give a fuck at all?

[Verse 1:]
They gon' have to transplant lungs and clone livers
For me to ever grow to be old as Joan Rivers
I been racing with these demons for years
But at least they run slower than the demons that I've seen in my peers
Some of 'em eating pills
Some of 'em smoking meth
Two years smoking and their mouth ain't got no molars left
Some of 'em shooting up
Some of 'em snorting coke
He had a hundred million now Scott Storch is broke
No more fortune nope
No more Porsche and boat
No more assortment of model whores and exorbitant dope
It's funny yet it's terrible like an abortion joke
The following is a relatively important quote:
You never get that cake back that you ate in vain
Money disappears like David Blaine made it rain
Hollywood will turn fast into your favorite lane
Ain't nothing to say but shame
Play the game
Tell me what's your vice


[Verse 2:]
MC Hammer was a really kind dude
To everyone that guy knew he'd provide food
Put him on a tour bus when he was road trippin'
But when the IRS called they ain't all chip in
All different kind of people have been given the crush
We all got 'em
Look at Bill Clinton and such
That motherfucker risked it all for some head
Speaking of presidents, even Obama smokes Marlboro reds
I can't blame him
Stressing over Iran's leadership
I write raps, and I can't even quit
Ziban I need to quit
But smoking that heathen shit
Compared to love which hate is neck and neck even with
I've known women who been cheated on and beated on
They're never gonna leave him they believe that they ain't even gone
Prob'ly never fucking will
She say she love him still
Love can be a disease
She fucking ill
Tell me what's your vice


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