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She love me, she love me, she love me,
She love me too much
She left her, she left her,
She lef her toothbrush


What happened here?
Right below my cabinet mirror
There used to be two brushes
Now there's three toothbrushes
I never said I was a mathematician
But from now on she gonna have to ask permission
If she wanna leave shit here, what's this here?
It's a brazier, gotta get this clear
Run up out the bathroom cursing up a storm
Didn't see there was a purse up on my floor
My foot gets caught up in the strap
Splat, I fall flat, on my back
And the purse gets emptied all over the ground
And now it's tampons everywhere rollin around
Damn, this gettin out of control
She really needs to slow her roll


I come home and you're on my couch
Go back to ya mama's house
I just wanted to relax and unwind on it
You laid out smokin weed drinkin wine on it
This ain't what I wanted
And the lease only got just one name signed on it
And that's mine on it, not yours
It'd be different if you would mop floors
Take out the trash, do somethin
Every day you're the opposite of hustlin
Doing your nails is not a part time job


I ain't even know she had a house key
She took it out my pocket and she copied it without me
At that home depot store
Now I'm never lonely no more
She's here, whenever she likes
Every day, every night
And I just need my privacy I doubt that she's
Tryin to spy on me she probably just wanna be
By my tv to watch it free
I love when she's on top of me
But that don't give her no rights to my property
I'm glad you're concerned with dental healthcare
But that's the end of the discussion brush em elsewhere

CHORUS (repeated till end of song)

God this girl is driving me bananas
The only solution I can think of is to dance
Woo, ow ow ow
I can't believe she parked in my parking spot man I'm going in
This house right now after that half mile walk
And giving her a piece of my mind

Oh I'm so glad you're home I tivoed sex and the city so we could watch it
As soon as you got here
Don't be mad baby I spilled a bottle of nail polish remover on your laptop
I got an idea for a fun project this weekend let's paint the bathroom walls pink
Oh I didn't tell you my parents are coming tonight, oh, speaking of my parents can we do thanksgiving dinner here?


Gravadora: Scrublife Records
Faixa: 10

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