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Outta My Mind


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[Verse 1:]
I haven't been sober in a week or more
And my card just got declined at the liquor store
And I've spent my rent getting bent
Yet I'm ready for more
Sometimes I ask myself why I do this shit
I spend all my free time doing stupid shit
Cause I could probably be a star
If I tried a little harder at it
Yo I could probably be a number one hit
But instead I be doing just a bunch of dumb shit
When the drum hit man I be coming up with
Some shit that be better than the other ones spit
But it's so much time and the time ain't worth it
I get rid of stress cause life ain't perfect
Reality is overrated and I have more fun unmotivated

[Hook: x2]
I'd rather be completely outta my mind
Party my life away
Leave all my worries behind

[Verse 2:]
My girl told me that I shouldn't drink so much
She don't like the way I'm always smoking weed and such
And now she's moved on
She's gone
And I'm missing her touch
Sometimes I wonder If there's something wrong with me
My floor's always covered up in dirty laundry
If she was here right now
She'd be proud that she let me be
But she don't understand that life is short
And she don't understand that I'm Michael Jordan
And she don't understand that I'm about to be scoring
Points in the game
Put my voice on my name
She ignoring still
I say good riddance
Like bread fed to the pigeons
Now it's just freedom
Keep your problems
I don't need them girl


I'm outta my mind
I forgot everything
I'm out of this world and I've been questioning
I never have to fight another battle with her
I just prefer
To be outta my mind



Gravadora: Scrublife Records
Faixa: 14

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