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Dissidence & Barbed Wire

Vice Tricks

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Everyone you meet has got a story to tell.
Some are good, some are bad, and some will drop you to the ground.
Was it that night? What happened that night?
It changed everything; and you’ll never be the same.

Push it down, push down deep.
When it all comes down will you run and hide again?
No it’s not right; and you’re not alright.
Better run, better hide, ‘cause it’s coming for you.

Dissidence and barbed wire -
As you wallow through the mire
Dissidence and barbed wire -
Set you on the road to nowhere fast

Ever since that night things are different.
This infected need is clawing at your soul.
Is it romance? Is it acceptance?
Or was it all just bred and burdened from the start?

Burn it down, burn it to the ground.
You explode in a fury of violence and hate for your family;
Hate for your enemies, hate for the people
That kicked you all of your life.


Time has come time has gone, but you’re still around
And the pain is carried with you everyday.
What is justice? What good is revenge?
When you’re dreams have vanished, and so you…

Track him down, hunt him down, treat him like an animal.
Such a soul should be crucified and executed now.
You are powerful, and you’re unstoppable;
Don’t be tricked by any motherfucker like that.


Now you have him; take it from him beat your point into his skull.
Never let him hurt again; never will he hurt again.

Tell the story as it’s told.
You have taken your revenge,
You have taken back what’s yours
It’s time for you to live your life again!

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