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Like a song I have to sing.
I sing it for you.
Like the worlds I have to bring,
I bring them to you.
And in leather,lace or chains,
We steake our claim,
Revolution once again.
But I won't,
I won't wear it my sleev.
I can see through this expression
And you know I don't believe.
I'm too old to be told,
Exactly who are you?
Tonight,tomorrow's too late.

And we love to wear a badge,a uniform,
And we love to fly a flag.
But I won't let other live in hell,
As we divide against each other,
And we fight amongst ourselves.
Too set in our ways to try to rearrange,
To right to be wrong,in this rebel song.
Let teh bells ring out,is there nothing left?
Honesty what you want?

A generation without name,ripped and tom,
Nothing to loose,nothing to gain,
Nothing at all.
And if you can't help yourself,
Well take a look around you,
When others need your time.
Angry words won't stop the fight.
Two wrongs won't make it right.
A new heart is what I need,
Oh God,make it bleed,
Is there nothing left?

Gravadora: Island/Polygram
Faixa: 4

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