Blow Your House Down

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She did go
She got my jokes
Sit why we win
Go by the sin
Get high, get quick
Get bopping on a stick

Shake by go
Get barking in sin
Get high with the folks
Get down in the swim
Don't you walk away
I want you baby

How does it feel
When you're meet her in your home
How does it feel
When you feel her, let it go

Bono: "Break."

Bono: "Turn that guitar up there."

Sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar
Sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar
Sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar

Ah, it ain't over child
Your racing car
Raised by the boldness
You know you are

Your lips like cherries
And they call to me
I wasn't in the bottle
Next to me

I'm down by the call
Maybe the sun
Where nobody feels
They gotta give it and go

She's...gonna take her chances
Gonna take her chances
And you don't

Jump...you're gonna be the tele'
Is there anybody calling
Is anybody home

Anybody home
'body home
Anybody home

Bono: "Just drums."

She likes it
Little bit of sky
Locked in the ocean
Bitty bitty sky
On a crutch rate

Some scratch for it
Others snatch for it
Can't scrape for it
Can't escape for it

Check it out for it
Turn a sip for it
Some slip from it
Others strip for it

Any grip for it
What is it
What is it
What is it

Some preach for it
Even teach for it
Like a leash to it
Can't be teaching them

All crawl for it
Still stall for it
All fall for it
When you jump for it

Some slash for it
Others stash for it
Some cash into it
Others smash for it

Do lines for it
Break rhymes for it
Do crimes for it
Do time for it

Sugar cane, sugar cane
Sugar cane, sugar cane
Sugar cane, sugar cane

Sure...we're gonna take our chances
To turn and seek you
Couldn't go

Bono: "And again."

Sure...we're without a reason
I'm calling out for love
Is there anybody home

Bono: "Nice."

Ray got caught
Her fingers in the till
Sent us home
Money came to Will

Frank came home
With a black and blue
Working at the station
Where he can't break through

Was working on the coin
On the union stand
With a digital aid
And a union band

Saw a moving statue
Saw the bullet train
And a sheltered city
Where clowns scream

Our move ruined it
Saw the money God
Brothers say by a ring
Others sat by the brim

Tonight high-q site
Want these inocent
And the big bang
Big bang, big bang

Die...like a butterfly
Die...like a butterfly
Die...like I'm gonna die
Die...like a moon in charge

Midnight...is where the day begins

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