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Love Story (feat. King Sevin)

Troy Ave

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This a hit, This a hit
Always wanted to say that, you know rocking with the sounds of B$B
King Sevin and Troy A-V-E uh 1-2 1-2
Going to go through some things going on in our daily life, PowdeRRR

Its a love story but I dont love her though (X6)
No no no cause I only love the dough

I been trying to tell these bitches I ain't shit but they dont listen
If you ain't gonna let me cook get the fuck up out the kitchen
Cause we eating at this table shawty what you bringing to it
Tell me that you love me baby girl you got to prove it
If i see it then I'll call it but you know I ain't tripping cause thats too close to falling
You putting up a front but on the low I see you plotting
But playing hard to get gonna get you easily forgotten
Cause success is the only option with my time I be selective
So when I'm on my grind i need my bitch to be aggressive
But they rather be detectives trying to be all up in my business
Need to get off Instagram and focus on the bigger picture
Like it or not just need my chick to be loyal
So when I make it to the top thats one I'll spoil
But I dont sweat it I just kill it or I dead them
Cause they hoes will get you caught up if you let them Im trying to tell you

Its a love story but I dont love her though (6X)
No no no cause I only love the dough

Thats why I keep me a side bitch who be on some fly shit
Bad bitch good credit stand about 5'6
Used run track so she stack and her thicks thick
Long hair short temper and she know how to ride dick
I keep her eyes lite when that money coming
She keep her body right all we do is money running
Yeah we on that paper chase I hold her down like a paper weight
Sex is always better when your paper is straight
This ain't a love story but she got love for me
She don't take shots she would take a slug for me
I put my trust in her and she gonna thug for me
Take the stand and lie before the judge for me
And she don't judge homie know I got the snug on me
And when the boys come she going to throw it in the clutch for me
And we don't beef cause she know whats at stake
If you want us to be good you got to let me be great

Its a love story but I dont love her though (6X)
No no no cause I only love the dough

King Sevin B$B Records Im gone
And I only love the dough PowderRRR

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