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To Set Ablaze

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I slowly watched the beauty leave your eyes
As you let someone else control your life
I don't want to hear about the sleepless nights
You sat staring at your reflection in a knife
Go romanticize destruction and death
After all they're only friends you have left

Your broken hands were only made to wreck
Ravage everything you come into contact with
You sent the message for me to receive
No turning back now you've been swallowed by greed
I find it fucking hard, hard to believe

You'd have the ability to
Take everything from me
Bit through my tongue holding back these words
You and your antics are fucking absurd
I won't stand by and watch as you hurt another helples soul

Bit through my patience, wasted my time
Sat by as you committed your crimes
I will make the truth shine
Upon all your dirty lies!

You are so hopeless and your defeat
It is bittersweet this rage lies within
My bones i can feel it linger in my teeth

Kneel before me and kiss the fucking ring!
I have waited so long for this
To silence the lies on your lips
I have waited so long for this!
Choke on the words that fall from your lips
Opinions are facts taken from faulty tips
Defeat is a beast, is teeth clench and they rip
Venom in a bottle, now take your drunken sips


Gravadora: Autumn + Colour
Faixa: 9

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