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Shake Dat Jelly (Screwed and Chopped)

Three 6 Mafia

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I like the way she shake dat jelly, jelly, jelly
jelly, jelly, jelly; jelly, jelly, jelly
I like the way she work dat jelly, jelly, jelly
jelly, jelly, jelly; jelly, jelly, jelly
Where my double Ds at? Where my D cups at?
Where my B cups at? Where my C cups at?
Where my double Ds at? Where my D cups at?
Where my B cups at? Where my C cups at?

[Juicy J]
Lil' mama so fine dancin' with them big titties
Every nigga wanna save her, every nigga wanna hit it
I'ma take her to the movies, I'ma buy her popcorn
I'ma rub on her booty, I'ma try to pop on
Why you tryin' to act stuck up? Thats fucked up mane
I'ma tell ya shut the fuck up, or what's up mane
Ain't the kind that like to show out, like I got cash
I'm the kind that'll step up, and smack that ass
She like to move that body, she can groove that body
She the finest motherfucker I done seen in the party
I don't know if she got weed, but it's cool with me
I can tell she real ghetto and I love a freak
Probably got a boyfriend, spendin' all his dough
Why he standin' at the bar, she be on the floor
I'ma go and make my move, I got nothin' to lose
Cause I'm a pimp tight nigga from my head to my shoes


[DJ Paul]
Seein' some big thangs, layin' all in my frames
I think I'll leave with two cause this clubs off the chain
Where my double Ds at? Where my double Ds at?
Where my bad bitches with the nice Bs and Cs at?
You better believe that
If you really bout some business let me squeeze that
Your pussy print fat, I'll like to see my dick in that
In and out, in and out, up and down, up and down
Let me dig in that, dig that

[Lord Infamous]
You're so explicit when you're licking with your lipstick on my dick (dick)
I sit back watching you rubbin' your fingers through your clit (clit)
I really wanna rip this little nasty broad apart (part)
On ecstasy she talkin', sexin' me, my dick on hard (hard)
Me and C already zooted when we walked up in the place (place)
Bitches running up in bunches bending over in our face (face)
And we always going to go at three or four, to the more
Get them full of blow, make them them touch their toes, fuck them in the throat

[Crunchy Blac]
I like when hos shake that ass
I like when hos love to make cash
I like when hos put it on your ass
I like when hos take me to your stash
So don't you get mad, when she bring that
All that cash, that she grab
from your ass, maggot ass
I rob with a ho, and sell her bitch ass


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