Third Eye Blind


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The guy who put his hands on you
Has got nothing to do with me,
And the bruises that you feel will heal
And I hope you come around, cause we're missing you
Aaand, you used to speak so easy
Now you're afraid to talk to me,

It's like walking with the wounded
Carrying that weight way to far
Concrete pulled you down so hard
Out there with the wounded
We're missing you

And I never claimed to understand
What happens after dark
But my fingers catch the spark at the thought of
Touching you
When you're wounded

Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh, etc.

Woo woo woo woo woo woo, etc.

Let me break it down 'till I force the issue
We miss your face and now I wish you
Would come back down to the Delvey bar
You tell 'em, that's just my battle scar
I wanna kiss you and knock 'em down like we used to
You're the marigold
Till you're walking down shaking that ass again
And then you walk on baby, walk on, you walk on
On and on
You're an angel in the pit with her hands in the air
And we're missing you

Now it's fall and your shoulders get tighter
Nervous flick on your lighter, boots
Your pissed off poets, your women's groups
And the friends with you we should've known this fool
Well I guess we missed the mark
Still my fingers catch the sparks at the thought of
Them touching you
Now you're wounded

Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh, etc.

Let me break it down 'till I force the issue
You never come around and you know we miss you
Well nobody took your pride away I said
That's something people say,
Back down the bully to the back of the bus
Cause it's time for them to be scared of us
'Till you're yellin' how we livin' cause you got the ball
Then you rock on baby, rock on, you rock on
On and on
You're a summer time hottie with your socks in the air
You're screamin' I don't care, bay I don't care NO!

You say you don't know
You say you can't go (you're the marigold)
All I know is we're missin' you

You say you don't know
You say you can't go (you're the marigold)
All I know is we're missing you

Showed up
Showed up wounded
Showed up
Showed up wounded

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