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They see my brain melting
And the only thing I tell em
Is that I'm living for the present
And the future don't exist

So baby take your clothes off
A chance like this
You may never get to show off
Show off, show off
What you talkin about
I see you like to tease, baby
And in reality you don't know how to please, baby
Oo, bar queen
Take your fucking seat, baby
Or ride it out now
I know you wanna scream "baby"

(I'm) better than your next man
And if you're swingin'
Like you're dumber than the next man
Cause I don't play
Unless it's keys
Then I play all day
You like em keys?
We gonna play all day
White dream
Fry your brain all day

I think you lost morals, girl
But it's okay
Cause you don't need em where we're going
In that two floor loft in the middle of city
After rolling through the city with me
I promise you gonna see
That I'm only fucking 20, girl
I'm need you
But you're mine in a dream world
What you doin in the bathroom?
I hear noises in the bathroom
Baby, it's okay
We can do it in the living room
Just some terms in em
The only girls that we fuck with
Seem to have twenty different pills in em
And tell us that they love us
Even though they want a next man
And the next man's bitch want a third man
Eddie Murphy shit
Yeah, we Trade Places
Rehearse laughs at them
And then we fuck faces

Yeah, we know just how to get a buzz
Mix it with the hash
Come fuck with us
I'm raw, motherfucker, I'm raw
Love so lost
Then my niggas
Man, these bitches can't touch what we got
If they want it
I'll plug any nigga that I step
And I got em, yeah I got em
Till the ending of our credits
Life's such a movie
Filmed independent
Us against the city
Please don't get offended
When we don't answer your calls
And if you got a problem
Come and find us, we can talk
About it
What's good, young ho?
You about it?
Got a loft right now
You excited
You excited

(What you thinkin about?)
(What you thinkin?)
(What you thinkin about?)

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