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Hands and Faces

The Used

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How can I not taste it,
When it's right there, put it in my hand
And let's not put it in their faces
Hide the obvious just a little bit,
It's coming to this

You'll know they'll never face it,
They're just a face all covered with a rag
And they can't stop talking,
So the bigger it gets,
And yeah they take up space
But still nothing's wasted

A lie is a lie with crossed hearts and hopes to die
You can find me underground,
Where I can't hear a sound
I watched you get down on your knees,
In hopes that I would turn around
So now you'll find me underground,
Where I can't hear a sound
Where I can't hear a sound

I tried hard to erase it
I tried not to use it cause' I can
And don't tell me what a race is,
Cause I can get fucked up more than a little bit
It's coming to this

We pay to watch it wasted,
They're just a face all covered with a rag.
And they might keep running,
But the slower they move.
And those moves in time
With their perfect placement.


What can I say,
I would have gone another way
Cause that isn't me
I was born to fade away
It's something you did, just something I felt as a kid.
And now I can't feel
Anything at all.
It's nothing you are
I feel nothing at all
Nothing at all


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