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Turn It Up A Little

The Nextmen

ouvir : conectando
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Let the Bronchitis in my chest wheeze the alveolars
in the lungs just screaming 'Yes please!'
tackle the tissue if your cackin' ya candy floss
dont bring the issue up with 2 up and then the 12 across
I am the spitting issue of my late Grandfather,
you didn't know that me and Mr. Blitz slam harder than hot lager.
We rock rather well
run with the gazelle, these streets like Melly Mel
Do I ring the bell? ding dong
The incredible while feeling human,
the hustler wracking them up with Paul Newmann.
Assuming poll position when you let the cameras zoom in
am I moving too fast?
slow down bitch stop and let me tune in.
The rap minister, the miniature styles don't weigh nuthin'
love it when it comes to ripping out my bad hombre
My lyric circles in your mind all day
Restructure, rise to future, build your own parade,


I don't see why you make the place rock
Turn it up a little, burn it up a little bit warm

I read people like they are psalms ring no alarms.
When it comes to beef I got my own farm
The hardcore, harder than your gunman Kutz
'Look Mummy, no hands' guess i got too much nuts!
You also a crime watch, the photo fit was amazing
All black with long blonde hair coulda been Asian.
I drowned the phone
too much juice in my Jones
unless I'm with my real people I walk on my own.
You can see me on CD, or TV, or DVD, to me it's easy.
We are no longer havin' it,
I closed the show like an angry mans cabinet.
He plays it cruel like a shark in a swimming pool
how many kilowatts do I need to kilo joule? I kill a firm.
The silence is golden, what is he holding outside
on the wall, who is TYnDolman

Style I want you, style I need you, style I love to have you in my life
Style I want you, style I need you, style I've got to have you by my side

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