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The Nextmen

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Level three

"Check me out" - Nice & Smooth 'Same Old Brand New'

[Verse One: Ken Boogaloo]
No need for introductions once Ken is clutching
The mic and starts busting lines over percussions
Temper tantrums lead to random temple touching
Adrenaline rushing, Nextmen production
Son it ain't nothing, for me to get up in
The lab and write this with virgin tightness
I know all my peoples from the urban like this
Despite kid's herbs who got nerves to bite this
My words are priceless and so decisive
On point like an ice pick, you can't deny this
I'm one of the livest kids who supply this
Gift God provided so I decided
To grab the mic like dynamite and ignite it
The BK and UK together united
We doing it up yo and I'm So Excited
Like the Pointer Sisters and I just can't hide it

[Scratch Hook] {x2}
"Who kicks that"
"Hot shit"
"Stop, look and listen" - Rakim 'Follow Te Leader'
"That's right"
"Who kicks that"
"Hot shit"
"Stop, look and listen"
"Check me out"

[Verse Two: Ken Boogaloo]
Target take an L, pick it out flick a photograph
He do the knowledge but you still don't know the math
Probably of fractions but still don't know the half
Selling that bullshit my squad 'bout to close your ass
For renovation we blow up on detonation
You ain't ill man you just on medication
But it's music, I got love and dedication
While you steady breaking rules and regulations
Faking moves like the Wrestling Federation
I'm just waiting for my time while you cheddar chasing
You impatient so you never gon' make nathan
We be creating, in other words innovating
Conversating over beats of ill combination
Masterpiece that hits the streets and conquers nations
Before I go I say "peace" to my congregation
Chill y'all I gotta break like Gary Payton

[Scratch Hook]

[Verse Three: Ken Boogaloo]
I'm dangerous like a nigga smoking angel dust
With a flame to bust, [?]
Because I remain untouched
Mics I claim and flush and flow till my brain bust and blood rush
My clever rhymes will even make the hardest thug blush
And if he act up I leave him with his mugg crushed
I must bust a verse or two to show you I'm versatile
And if I curse at you then brother take it personal
I'm straight up I'm vertical
Boog' the merciful
Go off the top like a convertible
Kid I'm alerting you take shelter when I'm merking through
Your neighborhood
I'm inflammable so nobody blazing wood
I'm just expressing myself the only way I could
On the microphone displaying what I should
Don't get it twist or misunderstood
When you messing with the Nextmen and Ken Boog'

[Scratch Hook]

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