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The Cowboys' Christmas Ball

The Killers

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Way out in North Nevada, where the Trukee's waters flow
Where the cattle are "a-browzin'' and the Spanish ponies grow
Where the Norther comes whistlin' from beyond the Neutral strip
And the prairie dogs are sneezin' as if they had "the Grip"

Where the coyotes come a-howlin' round the ranches after dark
And the blue-birds are singin' to the lovely "medder lark"
Where the big horns are grazin' and the lonely plovers call
It was there that I attended "The Cowboys' Christmas Ball"

The boys had left the ranches and come to town in piles
The ladies "kinder scatterin'" had gathered in for miles
The room was togged out gorgeous with mistletoe and shawls
And candles flickered frescoes around the airy walls

The "wimmin folks" looked lovely, the boys looked kinder treed
Till their leader commenced yellin': "Hey, fellers, let's stampede"
The music started sighin' and a-wailin' through the hall
As a kind of introduction to "The Cowboys' Christmas Ball"

The leader was a fellow that came from Swenson's Ranch
They called him "Windy Billy," from "little Dead-man's Branch"
His rig was "kinder keerless," big spurs and high-heeled boots
He had the reputation that comes when "fellers shoots"

His voice was like the bugle upon the mountain's height
His feet were animated, an' a mighty movin' sight
When he commenced to holler, "Neow, fellers, stake yer pen!
Lock horns to all them heifers, an' russle 'em like men

Saloot yer lovely critters; neow swing an' let 'em go
Climb the grape vine round 'em, all hands do-ce-do!
And Mavericks, jine the round-up, jest skip her waterfall"
Huh! hit wuz gittin' happy, "The Cowboys' Christmas Ball!"

Don't tell me 'bout cotillions, or germans. No sir 'ee!
That whirl at Carson City just takes the cake with me
I'm sick of lazy shufflin's, of them I've had my fill
Give me a fronteer breakdown, backed up by Wild Bill

McAllister ain't nowhere! when Windy leads the show
I've seen 'em both in harness, an' so I sorter know
Oh, Bill, I sha'n't forget yer, and I'll oftentimes recall
That lively-gaited sworray, "The Cowboys' Christmas Ball"

Oh, Bill, I sha'n't forget yer, and I'll oftentimes recall
That lively-gaited sworray, "The Cowboys' Christmas Ball"

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