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Right Then and There

The Heligoats

ouvir : conectando
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The plane touched down in front of me
I was walking all over you after sharpening my
cleats and my teeth and a razor Here, you better take it
Take one for the road because I know healing's not easy

So try to go slow
Save your ammo
Let those sleeping dogs lie
Then take full advantage of your time away
Your time in the air
Cause your time underground again is drawing near

So draw all your conclusions
Then use them as a map
Stick close to your plans
If you get lost, just come back
Come on back to the start
Back into the dark

And we’ll sit down and make a list of all
the things you’d like to see appear
Like a magnifying glass focusing all your fears into
one giant sun in the middle of your brain
So bright you can’t sleep at night, so hot you can’t contain
All of the laser beams swimming around in your veins
At your fingertips
The list you just made is in flames
You see shadows of demons dancing in the basement
And the skeleton telling you all the ways that it aches

Are you on to more than what your body can take?
Are you dreaming the real?
Are you living the fake?
And does wishful thinking ever scare you at all?
Is it really wishing if you think that you’re perfectly capable
Startled asleep
Falling awake
Are you making the same mistakes you’ve always made
Believing in ghosts outside of the gate
Believing in homes beyond the grave?

And right then and there, they land the plane
Smoke fills the air and it seals the fate
Of everyone on the runway
Standing right in your way
I haven’t been the same since
I haven’t been the same since

Since the talk we had about getting lost had come back to haunt us
Because I’m not where I thought I was
Bad decisions made with ambiguous maps
Color-coded and soaking wet and staining my hands

See anything you like
Any dream you like is just inside a chain-smoking,
melatonin, everything’s moving in slow motion
Head like glass block, heart like folded socks,
eyes popped out like a couple cuckoo clocks

I kept the key
I swallowed the lock
I caused way more grief when I solved all the problems
Woke up in a boat
Tied to a dock
Woke up in a panic
Woke up upside down in a hamper
Woke up I don’t know quite where again and I don’t know how
I woke up in dumpster since then
Must have started out in a dead end

Well, that’s the spirit
I can hear it
I can feel it
With my arms out like wings
I am a big bird sailing
Big bird zig zagging
Big bird coming in for a landing
On top of the families
On top of the front page
I haven’t been the same since
No I haven't been the same since

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