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The Heligoats

ouvir : conectando
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Memories are just moments you don’t expect to remember
They show up in their own form and haunt you forever
You need a spot where you can run and hide
To wait for the moment to pass
Or the memory to die
(but be careful!)

Wants and needs will speed you to the future
You’re gonna find what you need and then want something new
Well that will come to you too
Just keep telling yourself that
Until it’s true

It’s a process but we’re making progress
Where the anti and biotic meet
Some take medicine some sike themselves out of it
Out of their minds and the wonder of what it means
To be a human being

Thoughts became things
Then things became useless
You only get some much time to decide
What you’re going to do with them
What did you think?
Are you for real?
It’s all around you now
So how does it feel?

All is not lost
Just most of it is
Tap in to those emotions and enjoy the free wisdom
Isn’t it miraculous?
What leaves and comes back to us
In this organism

I hate to say it but discovery is in others
You gain insight at their expense
There no way to know what’s even there anymore
And no telling when this will end
But from what I hear we end up at their port
We’ll start digging where X marks the spot
Conveyed through an order of events
No sooner lived as they are forgotten

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