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There's a snakeskin bedroom bang in the middle
Of a funny little place called Hell, oh well
Everybody there's got trouble by the dozen
It's a lonely little place to dwell
Hope I don't make the trip to the floor
You told me once
"I want it but you wanted it more"

I know kung fu you know nothing
But together we can make it real, good deal
Digging our own way out of every prison
With my brain and your high heels
Love your myth coupled with your vast ocean
Take my eyes as the prize for your devotion

Oh take me to El Ray I got this real need to pray
Come find me where the vampires
All keep their heads on display
I'm a new man living in a old skin
I've been dead to you ever since Berlin
Oh teacher I'm restless just say the word
And i'll be blameless
Make me a saint i'll be the voice of restraint
I'll take their bullwhips and stones
Without a hint of complaint

I met God in Dogtown isn't it a funny thing
To know you've died? Dove's cried
Angels wept just as if I was a brother
And sang the blues for my bride
I've been keeping time in a skeleton soul band
Don't it make your heart just bleed? Indeed
Keeping my nose clean hoping I can crash land
Back where i've got mouths to feed
I'll be home once i've paid for my confusion
You'll see me in the fires
Of your own disillusion


Gravadora: Cooking Vinyl
Faixa: 6

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