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Silent Flight

The Four Owls

ouvir : conectando
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[Intro: Verb T]
Yo, yo, yo, yo
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Verb T]
The Four Owls taking silent flight
They didn't hear us approach, we vibe in the night
And you can find me off in the field and spitting
Spot prey in my binocular field of vision
When we drop, they flock, the appeal is wisdom
Heading back to the top with the fearless vision
With the mic in our talons, rise to the challenge
Like Life in the Balance, hit ‘em with a different language
Slap bird brains like a tambourine
Hang between the trees 'til we swoop, swoop
The owls are back again, haters can’t ascertain
Try trap us but we braking out the coop, coop
In my habitat on the tracks, it’s astounding
Feathers on my back that match the surroundings
Fans rush ‘til the tours get crushed
And my claws spit remains in the dust on the floor

[Verse 2: Leaf Dog]
The owls gaze, picks preys here for years
[?] sprays from the beak when there's children to feed
In the nest, they wanna leave, they form wings to breed
Born to be fly, so it's only right I hit the breeze
While Big Owl's screaming "jeheeze", from the other trees
Rusty and T are looking keen so it's time to leave
You hear the swoop behind lines, you wouldn't get pass it
You're talking to the blue prints for the stealth aircraft
Smooth with the crash move like a lightning flash
With accurate precision, pinpoint you in the grass
The mice like to laugh but don't see the attack
We’ve been starving in the nest tryna bring this shit back
It's a fact, any movement underground, I'm clocking
Dropping from a thousand feet to what sound unlocking
Devouring the beat, flying like I was arrow in the fleet
Now my card like a tarot when I speak

[Verse 3: Fliptrix]
I let my head swivel, think fast, act quick
Hammer it like chisels, not on the toes
Yet I’m throwing up these owl pellets, bones, throwing skin
And other things I couldn’t digest residing in the ends
To always have the most benefits and this be my home
So I'm sourcing to perfect the pit, a nice twiggy entrance
And a bed made of better things
Feathers on my face that channel sounds that enter earholes
The range is astounding that my brain starts housing
A three dimensional audio map of my surroundings
Mouse to a vole, all their getting owned
I don't give a flying fuck I’m yamming them whole though
Here's to the screech, cuz my catch phrase “jeheeze”
Wisdoms deep, talons like a dactyl
Two in front, two in back a target then snatch
Grip like tractors on a track
It’s the raptors in the pack, Four Owls and we’re back

[Verse 4: BVA]
From the egg, watch it hatch, now we’re colonizing areas
The local wildlife changes and things become scared of us
Even your top dog will shit when we attack
[?] he sees two wings, like the signalling for Batman
Known to swoop, known to chill when the times right
Operate by the moon, give a fuck about the limelight
Just turn my head, while they're tripping on their hindsight
Must be talking ‘bout my eyes when they’re saying that my lines tight
Never track me, mysterious map readings
Only at night but they heard hoots from that region
Stay elusive cause we hungry and the pack’s feeding
Swoop on rats and leave 'em twitching with their gash bleeding
Flap, flap, that's just the wings but my minds focused
So precise I can pickpocket a flying locust
And now we get burned and misrepresented
But still the greatest hunter that nature ever invented


Gravadora: High Focus Records
Faixa: 1

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