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They Die By Dawn (feat. Jay Electronica, Lucy Liu & Yasiin Bey)

The Bullitts

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If I say surely the darkness shall fall on me
Even the night shall be light about me
Indeed the darkness shall not hide from you
But the night shines as the day
The darkness and the light are both alike unto you

Thou preparest a table before me
In the presence of mine enemies
Thou anointest my head with oil
My cup runnneth over


Pure pedigree horse power
Balley at the summer buffalo soldier hour
Black and blue dawn in the shadow lands
Dub cry high-noon make the shadows dance
Preacher man say a prayer, bless the caravan
Bandolero clans and jackels in the valley pass
Mindset on the treasures and the talisman
Hand set on the holy book and battle axe
Sun, moon, and stars, built a map
Where you at
Expansion, exodus, run
Exodus, expansion (run)

They die by dawn
They die by dawn
They die by dawn
They die by dawn
They die by dawn
They die by dawn

My grandmother told me
Never ever go to sleep in the church house
Wear a shirt and a tie to the court house
Look the judge in the eye like a man
Not a dove, not a lamb, not a slave, or a church mouse
You a king, you a god, you a holy El
Get out this hole and give these motherfuckers holy hell
So over time, I perfected my rhymes and
That's why I shine like I climbed out the Holy Grail
Mainstream dropout, white widow cotton mouth
Out in Queen's Park with a crew of dirty stopouts
London bridge is falling down
The Bullitts lickin' shots on the Parliament grounds
Every devil, every scoundrel, every henchmen, every hound
Get lassoed by the sound
Ran across the desert, then shackled to the mound

They die by dawn
They die by dawn
They die by dawn
They die by dawn
They die by dawn
They die by dawn

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