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Pulp Fiction (feat. Reks)


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"Now, I know you think you're smart.
See, cause you got all those flashy clothes, you got that big car there.
You got all them black bitches working for ya. . ."
"You forgot about the white one."

Listen baby, go get outta them Dungarees
I leave your ass stranded up in the telly 'fore you front on me
I'm one of a kind, no same like a snowflake
No shame in my game I'll put cut in the whole cake
I'll have you bleeding like you got an uppercut from that fluffy stuff
Good thing I ain't puffing dust when I'm pouring up
Cause I'm hustler / mathematician
I'm bagging women that look like Halle Berry in the mirror
I'll chop a pill up and give it to a chicken till she hiccup
Get up
Little slut, keep your motherfuckering head up
This ain't no Pulp Fiction, girl so don't go dying on me
I got the iron on me and police spying on me
It could be worse, my daughter, grandma could be crying on me
In the middle of the street, with a sheet, lying on me
But I'm a legend, I'mma live to be 111
Getting more love than the reverend when I be representing

"Now I'm going to warn you. But only one time.
See, they told us that you were a trouble maker.
That you're no good, that you don't know how to get along with people. . "

What can I tell you?
You know it's Hell when I come through
Fuck spitting a punchline at you, I'd rather punch you
A pimp getting paper when the pussy is good
And a hustler get paper went it weigh what it should
So do your shit right
I see my name up in big lights
My shit's tight so several parties, I had to fistfight
I mix white when shit's trife
Pitch right through midnight
Brothers are slanging kidney's in the ghetto, how is this life?
Reefer and sneaker money
Be making people hungry
I think your technique is funny
You sniffing perico money?
Whatever's whatever buddy, take down my number
From sunup to sundown our mothers buzz me before you come up
I'm in the Lawrence building
I look like the Carter building
I got no regards for children
I'll sell you embalming fluid
Let's do it, I'll prove it
You 'fore me yet I'll move it
I felt like I'm cruising and make a killing before I'm through
Let's go

"You better listen to him boy.
If you don't something nasty is going to happen to you."
"Man, move over and let me pass before they have to
be pulling these Hush Puppies out your motherfucking ass!"

Sick of the remedy, need Martin, Malcolm and Kennedy
Kicking killer delivery making niggas a memory
Mentally in Miami trees, 70, baby breathe
Life into these bars, bring death to each and all broads
Sucking my slong long
Hours in the showers
And the powers wanna lock up for keeping the party rocking
He be knocking out the speakers, her pussy leaking my semen
Sister think he a demon for creeping award tours
Lord knows I be fucking these hoes
Never loving these hoes
A couple nuts and then go
I'm out the door
Shortfyuz, I abuse these dudes
My bars better
You can get her in the mood, I'm getting her drawers wetter
Y'all scared of Termanology, Reks
You know they bars is the best
Explode from the chest is what you call a bomb threat
Pump fist for inciting a riot
Move over let me pass
Or get them Hush Puppies up in ya ass
I don't buy it
You don't want beef, you niggas weak
Heart pump Kool-Aid so sweet
Drake, Common
Fake rhyming, bitch paid homage
I stay shining, can't waste time in the streets
A nigga keep climbing

"Guns and dope are being sold to school children everyday."
"It's alright... it's real bad out there."

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