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Same Shit Different Day

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Yeah, fuck Skepta
Meridian War
This is what music sounds like in my dreams

Yeah, I’m in my zone
Livin the life of the young and gifted
In the studio, run out of drink, all we got is some weed and biscuits
I'm supposed to be writing
Instead I'm daydreaming about doggy-styling Kate Winslet
Snap out of the dream
Pass me the lighter let me light up the green
A million words in my head
Tryna think about punchlines that I haven't already said
I wanna write a diss track but my enemies are already dead
I only smoke one spliff but my eyes are already red
I'll be waiting til the cows come home
For man to offer me a biscuit cos I don't normally beg
Open up the pizza box we got earlier but it's full of crust and corn
We've been here so long
I just heard the speakers yawn
I go hard like Jason Bourne
These other MC's remind me of Mr. Bean and Johnny English reborn
But I still beep my horn
And scream team UK
Cos that's where I made my name
That's where I made my change
That's where I fucked up them pussyholes when they tried to pull off my chain
Nothing but true facts that I speak on the track
Real niggas know where the real niggas at
I'm a good youth but I will fight back
Out to the mixed-race, white and black
Fake G's all over the place
If you put it on me you better put something over your face
Cos I won't snitch I'll tell the officer I don't wanna press no charges
I'm closing the case
Discharge myself from the hospital
Fuck the constable
Go home and deal with the beef like sunday roast on a plate
See I grew up in London
Where the olders talk, but the youngers ain't listening
I was given dirty looks by the priest at my christening
No food in the kitchen
Two brothers, one sister'n
Right now you're listening to the oldest sibling
And I get so much cake I might change my surname to Kipling
All the mandem raise your glasses again
Here's to another year at the top of the game
Ah we just can't stop toasting
Said I'll be a big MC but end of school term and they thought I was joking
Now I got 15 girls in my bed and each and every one of them's roasting

Same shit different day (3X)

Me and the mandem moeshing
Said I'll be a big MC but end of school term and they thought I was joking
Now I got 15 girls in my bed and each and every one of them's roasting


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