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Going Through It

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(Going 'round and 'round
Sex, money, murder
Everyone, sex, money, murder
And it happens again and again)
Bro, just chill out, you got what you had to
Fucking asking me how I am
Yeah, cool, fam

Man, I've been going through it
Been keeping it too real
Man, I've been going through it
I don't wanna talk about it
I don't wanna get into it
Party going stupid soon as I step into it
Ask about me, they tell you I'm one of the best to do it
And I know they don't like me but they gotta respect the music
Got suttin' in the glove compartment and I won't pet to use it
She told me her favourite song, now we just sexing to it
Got the bass bumping
Turn it up loud, neighbours ain't saying nuttin'
Everyday's my birthday, everyday manna cake cutting
New chain, dripping in water, got the place flooded
Bruce Wayne, top of the building, man I see them coming
She's got the big back, look at the jeans busting
Picked her up in a Wraith, just look at the babe blushing
Said I'll be here at 7 o' clock, well now it's 8 suttin'
Gotta get more organised, cah fam, I hate rushing

Man, I keep getting caught up
Showing love to everybody

Man, I been going through it, tryna make 'em see the vision
Try to explain myself, that was the worst decision
Thought that I could change the world, turn me into a villain
Gotta learn to practice silence, follow my intuition
Stayed in the house, phone number off limits
Stress on the brain, complain, but I know that it's all self-inflicted
Man, I gotta take a break, I'm gonna need a minute
Soon as I catch a vibe, somebody tryna kill it
Boy, stop it
Never seen you putting your hand in your pocket
Time to pay the bill, I know you can't find your wallet
Where were you in the trenches when the opps were tryna bomb it?
Now you're coming around, and niggas tryna get the gossip
I put in the work, get the bag and split the profit
And if I'm honest, I know that I should be modest
But I don't see no competition in the game and I'm pissing on it
If it ain't about the family, then I'm ghost and that's a promise

Niggas need to wake up

I blew out the candles, everybody scream my name
Told me to make a wish, look at what I became
Look how they look at me, never gonna be the same
Said they wanna be like me, you don't know what you're sayin'
Always been a daredevil, man, I was born from pain
They say ignorance is bliss, but I think that's a shame
Bird Box, you don't wanna see this boy get out the rain
Stay inside, I'll be fine, man, I got myself to blame
Man, I've been going through it

Oh my days, what the fuck?
He's not good for you, he's really not
He's a fucking mad 'ead
He's not listening
It's like talking to a brick wall
I'm telling you, he's a fucking mad 'ead

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