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Give Me Your Love - Masterboy
Try Me Out - Corona
The Summer Is Magic - Corona
The Rhythm Of The Night - Corona
Stay With Me - Corona
Ill Be Your Lady - Corona
Baby baby - Corona
Wrap Me Up - Alex Party
Simple Things - Alex Party
Generation Of Love - Masterboy
Feel the Heat of the Night - Masterboy
Dancin' Forever - Masterboy
Baby Let It Be - Masterboy
Anybody (Movin' On) - Masterboy
I Need A Lover Tonight (Video Edit) - Masterboy
Land Of Dreaming (radio Us Mix) - Masterboy
Make Me Feel Good - Masterboy
Porque Te Vas - Masterboy
Someone Out There (Extended Version) - Basic Element feat. Taz
We Used to Love - Corona
Gimme Love - Alexia
Hold On - Alexia
Me And You - Alexia
Number One - Alexia
Summer Is Crazy - Alexia
Uh La La La - Alexia
You Need Love - Alexia
Celebration - Dj Bobo
D.J. Bobo Megamix - Dj Bobo
Everybody - Dj Bobo
Everything Has Changed - Dj Bobo
Feels Like Heaven - Dj Bobo
Fly With Me - Dj Bobo
Its My Life - Dj Bobo
Let The Dream Come True - Dj Bobo
Love Is All Around - Dj Bobo
Love Of My Life - Dj Bobo
Pirates Of Dance - Dj Bobo
Shadows Of The Night - Dj Bobo
Somebody Dance With Me - Dj Bobo
There Is a Party - Dj Bobo
Anything - Culture Beat
Crying In The Rain - Culture Beat
Got To Get It - Culture Beat
I Like You - Culture Beat
Inside Out - Culture Beat
Megamix - Culture Beat
More And More - Culture Beat
Mr. Vain - Culture Beat
Serenity (Epilog) - Culture Beat
Take Me Away - Culture Beat
Flying High - Captain Hollywood Project
I Need A Lover - Captain Hollywood Project
More And More - Captain Hollywood Project
Only With You - Captain Hollywood Project
Cinema - Ice MC
Dark Night Rider (feat. Alexa) - Ice MC
Run Fa Cover - Ice MC
Think About The Way - Ice MC
Celebration - Fun Factory
Close To You - Fun Factory
Don'T Go Away - Fun Factory
I Wanna Be With U - Fun Factory
Love Of My Life - Fun Factory
Take Your Chance - Fun Factory
Did You Ever Really Love Me - Nicki French
Heaven Is A Place On Earth - Nicki French
Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Nicki French
Megamix - Snap
Ooops Up - Snap
Rhythm Is A Dancer - Snap
Another Night - The Real McCoy
Automatic Lover - The Real McCoy
Come And Get Your Love - The Real McCoy
Give A Little Love - The Real McCoy
It's On You - The Real McCoy
Look At Me - The Real McCoy
Love & Devotion - The Real McCoy
Run Away - The Real McCoy
Take A Look At Your Life - The Real McCoy
Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) (Game-Over-Jazz) - Scatman John
Scatman's World - Scatman John
Can't Get Enough - Mr. President
Coco Jamboo - Mr. President
Everybody - Mr. President
Gimme All What You Got - Mr. President
I Give You My Heart - Mr. President
Take Me To The Limit - Mr. President
Where The Sun Goes Down - Mr. President
Apache - General Base
Back Again - General Base
I See You - General Base
On e On - General Base