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Hostage de Dangerkids é a música mais recente adicionada na playlist

  Hostage - Dangerkids
  Waking Up - Dangerkids
  Countdown - Dangerkids
  Divergency - Born of Osiris
  Imaginary Condition - Born of Osiris
  Machine - Born of Osiris
  You Only Live Once - Suicide Silence
  Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
  A Single Moment Of Sincerity - Asking Alexandria
  A Prophecy - Asking Alexandria
  I Was Once Possibly Maybe Perhaps a Cowboy King - Asking Alexandria
  Last Breath - Attack Attack!
  Lonely (feat. Jason Cameron) - Attack Attack!
  Sexual Man Chocolate - Attack Attack!
  Renob, Nevada - Attack Attack!
  Stick Stickly - Attack Attack!
  Boris the Animal - I See Stars
  Crystal Ball - I See Stars
  Murder Mitten - I See Stars
  Ten Thousand Feet - I See Stars
  You Call That a Knife, This Is a Knife! - Capture The Crown
  Ladies & Gentlemen... I Give You Hell - Capture The Crown
  #OIMATEWTF (Feat. Denis Shaforostov) - Capture The Crown
  Welcome To the Show - Famous Last Words
  The Show Must Go On, Pt. 2 - Famous Last Words
  The Show Must Go On, Pt. 1 - Famous Last Words