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  Hey There Mr. Brooks - Asking Alexandria
  Sleepwalking - Bring Me The Horizon
  Sleep With One Eye Open - Tek-One - Bring Me The Horizon
  Don't Pray For Me - Asking Alexandria
  Creature - Asking Alexandria
  Sleep With One Eye Open - Bring Me The Horizon
  Seen It All Before - Bring Me the Horizon
  Memorial - Bring Me The Horizon
  Shadow Moses - Bring Me the Horizon
  Join The Club - Bring Me the Horizon
  It Was Written In Blood - Bring Me The Horizon
  It Never Ends - Bring Me The Horizon
  Hospital For Souls - Bring Me the Horizon
  Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake - Bring Me the Horizon
  Devil's Choir - Black Veil Brides
  Coffin - Black Veil Brides
  Done For You - Black Veil Brides
  Days Are Numbered (Feat. Bert McCracken of The Used) - Black Veil Brides
  Abeyance - Black Veil Brides
  Believe - Asking Alexandria
  A Prophecy - Asking Alexandria
  Killing You - Asking Alexandria
  A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta - Asking Alexandria
  I Was Once Possibly Maybe Perhaps a Cowboy King - Asking Alexandria
  The Sadness Will Never End - Bring Me The Horizon
  The House of Wolves - Bring Me the Horizon
  The Comedown - RobotSonics - Bring Me The Horizon
  The Comedown - Bring Me The Horizon
  Sleepwalking - Bring Me the Horizon
  The Divine Infection - Motionless In White
  Puppets 2 (The Rain) (Featuring Bjorn Speed Strid of Soilwork) - Motionless In White
  Hatefuck - Motionless In White
  Black Damask (The Fog) - Motionless In White
  Synthetic Love - Motionless In White
  Infamous - Motionless In White
  Devil's Night - Motionless In White
  AMERICA (Radio Mix) - Motionless In White
  Underdog - Motionless In White
  Sinematic - Motionless In White
  If It's Dead, We'll Kill It (Feat.Brandan Schieppati of Bleeding Trough) - Motionless In White
  Burned at Both Ends - Motionless In White
  A-M-E-R-I-C-A (Featuring Michae Vampire of Vampires!) - Motionless In White
  Break Down The Walls - Asking Alexandria
  A Single Moment Of Sincerity - Asking Alexandria
  Empire (Let Them Sing) - Bring Me the Horizon
  Don't Go - Bring Me The Horizon
  Diamonds Aren't Forever - Bring Me The Horizon
  Deathbeds - Bring Me the Horizon
  Crooked Young - Bring Me the Horizon
  Chelsea Smile - Bring Me The Horizon
  Chasing Rainbows - Bring Me the Horizon
  Can You Feel My Heart - Bring Me the Horizon
  Antivist - Bring Me The Horizon
  And the Snakes Start To Sing - Bring Me the Horizon
  Exordium - Black Veil Brides
  In the End - Black Veil Brides
  Knives And Pens - Black Veil Brides
  Lost It All (Feat. Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter) - Black Veil Brides
  New Year's Day - Black Veil Brides
  Nobody's Hero - Black Veil Brides
  Overture - Black Veil Brides
  Perfect Weapon - Black Veil Brides
  Rebel Yell - Black Veil Brides
  Resurrect the Sun - Black Veil Brides
  Set the World On Fire - Black Veil Brides
  Shadows Die - Black Veil Brides
  The Gunsling - Black Veil Brides
  The Morticians Daughter - Black Veil Brides
  Unbroken - Black Veil Brides
  Unholy (feat. Zakk Wylde) - Black Veil Brides
  We Don't Belong - Black Veil Brides
  We Stitch These Wounds - Black Veil Brides
  Wretched and Divine - Black Veil Brides
  10 Miles Wide - Escape the Fate
  Ashley - Escape the Fate
  Bad Blood - Escape the Fate
  Behind The Mask - Escape the Fate
  Celler Door - Escape the Fate
  Chemical Love - Escape the Fate
  Desire - Escape the Fate
  Father, Brother - Escape the Fate
  Fire It Up - Escape the Fate
  Forget About Me - Escape the Fate
  Friends And Alibis - Escape the Fate
  Harder Than You Know - Escape the Fate
  Harder Than You Know (Acoustic) - Escape the Fate
  I Alone - Escape the Fate
  It's Just Me - Escape the Fate
  Let It Go - Escape the Fate
  Live Fast, Die Beautiful - Escape the Fate
  Losing Control - Escape the Fate
  My Apocalypse - Escape the Fate
  Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche' - Escape the Fate
  On To The Next One - Escape the Fate
  One For The Money - Escape the Fate
  Picture Perfect - Escape the Fate
  Reverse The Curse - Escape the Fate
  Risk It All - Escape the Fate
  Situations - Escape the Fate
  Something - Escape the Fate
  The Day I Left The Womb - Escape the Fate
  The Flood - Escape the Fate
  Theres No Sympathy For The Dead - Escape the Fate
  This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II) - Escape the Fate
  Ungrateful - Escape the Fate
  Until We Die - Escape the Fate
  We Won't Back Down - Escape the Fate
  When I Go Out, I Want To Go Out On A Chariot Of Fire - Escape the Fate
  You Are So Beautiful - Escape the Fate
  You're Insane - Escape the Fate
  A For Andrew - Attack Attack!
  AC-130 - Attack Attack!
  All Alone - Attack Attack!
  All My Life - Attack Attack!
  Bro, Ashley's Here - Attack Attack!
  Burn The Liars - Attack Attack!
  Catfish Soup - Attack Attack!
  Criminal - Attack Attack!
  Cut To The Chase - Attack Attack!
  Fumbles O'Brian - Attack Attack!
  Hate Song - Attack Attack!
  Hot Grills, and High Tops - Attack Attack!
  I Swear I'll Change - Attack Attack!
  Interlude - Attack Attack!
  Kickin Wing, Animal Doctor - Attack Attack!
  Last Breath - Attack Attack!
  Miles Away - Attack Attack!
  Party Foul - Attack Attack!
  Pick a Side - Attack Attack!
  Renob, Nevada - Attack Attack!
  Sexual Man Chocolate - Attack Attack!
  Shred, White, and Blue - Attack Attack!
  Smokahontas - Attack Attack!
  Stick Stickly - Attack Attack!
  The Motivation - Attack Attack!
  The People's Elbow - Attack Attack!
  Turbo Swag - Attack Attack!
  Moving On - Asking Alexandria
  Nobody Don't Dance No More - Asking Alexandria
  Not The American Average - Asking Alexandria
  Poison - Asking Alexandria
  Run Free - Asking Alexandria
  The Death of Me - Asking Alexandria
  The Road - Asking Alexandria
  When Everyday's The Weekend - Asking Alexandria
  White Line Fever - Asking Alexandria
  Alone - Falling In Reverse
  Bad Girls Club - Falling In Reverse
  Born To Lead - Falling In Reverse
  Champion - Falling In Reverse
  Drifter - Falling In Reverse
  Fashionably Late - Falling In Reverse
  Fuck The Rest - Falling In Reverse
  Game Over - Falling In Reverse
  It's Over When It's Over - Falling In Reverse
  Keep Holding On - Falling In Reverse
  Raised By Wolves - Falling In Reverse
  Rolling Stone - Falling In Reverse
  Self-Destruct Personality - Falling In Reverse
  10 Years Today - Bullet For My Valentine
  4 Words (To Choke Upon) - Bullet For My Valentine
  A Place Where You Belong - Bullet For My Valentine
  All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) - Bullet For My Valentine
  Cries In Vain - Bullet For My Valentine
  Curses - Bullet For My Valentine
  Eye Of The Storm - Bullet For My Valentine
  Forever And Always - Bullet For My Valentine
  Hand of Blood - Bullet For My Valentine
  Hearts Burst Into Fire - Bullet For My Valentine
  Hit The Floor - Bullet For My Valentine
  Last To Know - Bullet For My Valentine
  Riot - Bullet For My Valentine
  Say Goodnight - Bullet For My Valentine
  Scream Aim Fire - Bullet For My Valentine
  Spit You Out - Bullet For My Valentine
  Take It Out On Me - Bullet For My Valentine
  Tears Don't Fall - Bullet For My Valentine
  Temper Temper - Bullet For My Valentine
  The End - Bullet For My Valentine
  The Poison - Bullet For My Valentine
  Waking The Demon - Bullet For My Valentine
  Your Betrayal - Bullet For My Valentine