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  Baby Please Don't Go - Muddy Waters
  All Aboard - Muddy Waters
  33 Years - Muddy Waters
  32-20 Blues - Muddy Waters
  (My Eyes) Keep Me In Trouble - Muddy Waters
  Traveling Riverside Blues - Robert Johnson
  Me And The Devil Blues - Robert Johnson
  Kind Hearted Woman Blues - Robert Johnson
  Hell Hound On My Trail - Robert Johnson
  Drunken Hearted Man - Robert Johnson
  Dead Shrimp Blues - Robert Johnson
  Crossroads Blues - Robert Johnson
  Come On In My Kitchen - Robert Johnson
  We Are Family - Sister Sledge
  He's The Greatest Dancer - Sister Sledge
  32-20 Blues - Robert Johnson
  Got To Love Somebody - Sister Sledge
  Funky Family - Sister Sledge
  Frankie - Sister Sledge
  You Are So Beautiful - Joe Cocker
  With A Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker
  Up Where We Belong - Joe Cocker
  Unchain My Heart - Joe Cocker
  Don't You Love Me Anymore - Joe Cocker
  A Woman Loves a Man - Joe Cocker
  A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Joe Cocker
  A Song For You - Joe Cocker
  Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top
  Rough Boy - ZZ Top
  La Grange - ZZ Top
  Alley-Gator - ZZ Top
  A Fool For Your Stockings - ZZ Top
  36-22-36 - ZZ Top
  2000 Blues - ZZ Top
  (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree - ZZ Top
  (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - ZZ Top
  Piece Of My Heart - Janis Joplin
  Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin
  Maybe - Janis Joplin
  Cry Baby - Janis Joplin
  Bye, Bye Baby - Janis Joplin
  Ball An Chain - Janis Joplin
  As Good As You've Been To This World - Janis Joplin
  A Woman Left Lonely - Janis Joplin
  A Happening (Spoken Word) - Janis Joplin
  The Climb - The Kingsmen
  Mustang Sally - The Kingsmen
  Money - The Kingsmen
  Louie Louie - The Kingsmen
  Little Sally Tease - The Kingsmen
  Little Latin Lupe Lu - The Kingsmen
  Jolly Green Giant - The Kingsmen
  Death Of An Angel - The Kingsmen
  Annie Fannie - The Kingsmen
  Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix
  Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix
  Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix
  Foxy Lady - Jimi Hendrix
  Bold As Love - Jimi Hendrix
  All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
  (My Girl) She's a Fox - Jimi Hendrix
  Room To Move - John Mayall
  Good Times Boogie - John Mayall
  Exercise In C - John Mayall
  Dry Throat - John Mayall
  Country Road - John Mayall
  Change Your Ways - John Mayall
  Bye Bye Bird - John Mayall
  Broken Wings - John Mayall
  Bernard Jenkins - John Mayall
  Vietnam Blues - Junior Wells
  Take Off Your Shoes - Junior Wells
  Sweet Sixteen - Junior Wells
  Sheckin' On My Baby - Junior Wells
  Riffin' (a.k.a A Motif Is Just a Riff) - Junior Wells
  Mystery Train - Junior Wells
  Look How Baby - Junior Wells
  Baby Please Don't Leave Me - Buddy Guy
  Anna Lee - Buddy Guy
  All That Makes Me Happy is the Blues - Buddy Guy
  Ain't No Sunshine (Feat.Tracy Chapman) - Buddy Guy
  7-11 - Buddy Guy
  24 Hours Of The Day - Buddy Guy
  (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man - Buddy Guy
  $100 Bill - Buddy Guy
  Weak Brain, Narrow Mind - Willie Dixon
  I Can't Quit You, Baby - Willie Dixon
  I Ain't Supertitious - Willie Dixon
  Cool Kind Woman Blues - Willie Dixon
  Cool Blooded - Willie Dixon
  Built For Comfort - Willie Dixon
  Big 3 Stomp - Willie Dixon
  Baby Please Come Home - Willie Dixon
  African Hunch With a Boogie Beat - Willie Dixon
  White Room - Cream
  Sunshine Of Your Love (Live Album Version) - Cream
  Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream
  Spoonful - Cream
  Outside Woman Blues - Cream
  I Feel Free - Cream
  Crossroads - Cream
  Badge - Cream
  As You Said - Cream
  Bet Cha Say That To All The Girls - Sister Sledge
  B.Y.O.B - Sister Sledge
  All the Man I Need - Sister Sledge
  All American Girls - Sister Sledge
  Blues Boys Tune - B.B. King
  Blues At Midnight - B.B. King
  Backwater Blues - B.B. King
  Back Door Santa - B.B. King
  Baby, Get Lost - B.B. King
  All Over Again - B.B. King
  Ain't Nobody's Business - B.B. King
  Ain't Nobody Home - B.B. King
  (You've Become A) Habit To Me - B.B. King
  You Can Leave Your Hat On - Joe Cocker
  Don't Let Me Be Lonely - Joe Cocker
  Alexander's Ragtime Band - Bessie Smith
  Backwater Blues - Bessie Smith
  Don't Cry Baby - Bessie Smith
  Down Hearted Blues 1923 - Bessie Smith
  Downhearted Blues - Bessie Smith
  St. Louis Blues - Bessie Smith
  Wasted Life Blues - Bessie Smith
  (Well) That's All Right - Howlin' Wolf
  Ain't Goin' Down That Dirt Road - Howlin' Wolf
  All Night Boogie (All Night Long) - Howlin' Wolf
  Color And Kind - Howlin' Wolf
  Coon On The Moon - Howlin' Wolf
  Hidden Charms - Howlin' Wolf
  Nature - Howlin' Wolf
  Poor Boy - Howlin' Wolf
  Smokestack Lightnin' - Howlin' Wolf
  Blow Wind Blow - Muddy Waters
  Born With Nothing - Muddy Waters
  Burying Ground Blues - Muddy Waters
  Albert's Shuffle - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  Ask Me No Questions - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  Blues At Sunrise - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  Cold Shot - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  Crossfire - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  Life Without You - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  Little Wing - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  Mary Had a Little Lamb - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  Across The Line - The Robert Cray Band
  Acting This Way - The Robert Cray Band
  At Last - The Robert Cray Band
  Back Home - The Robert Cray Band
  Bad Influence - The Robert Cray Band
  Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark - The Robert Cray Band
  Forever Goodbye - The Robert Cray Band
  Gotta Change The Rules - The Robert Cray Band
  Love 2009 - The Robert Cray Band
  House Rent Boogie - John Lee Hooker
  This Land Is Nobody's Land - John Lee Hooker
  All Tore Down - Johnny Winter
  Check Out Her Mama - Johnny Winter
  Funky Music - Johnny Winter
  Help Me - Johnny Winter
  Johnny Guitar - Johnny Winter
  Mind Over Matter - Johnny Winter
  Okie Dokie Stomp (Album) - Johnny Winter
  She Likes To Boogie Real Low - Johnny Winter
  Too Much Seconal - Johnny Winter
  100 Years - Blues Traveler
  Back In The Day - Blues Traveler
  Battle Of Someone - Blues Traveler
  Borrowed Time - Blues Traveler
  Brother John - Blues Traveler
  Business As Usual - Blues Traveler
  But Anyway - Blues Traveler
  Canadian Rose - Blues Traveler
  Carolina Blues - Blues Traveler
  Time Traveler Blues - Nevershoutnever!
  '82 - Stone Sour
  30_30-150 - Stone Sour
  Absolute Zero - Stone Sour
  Anna - Stone Sour
  Bother - Stone Sour
  Hesitate - Stone Sour
  Imperfect - Stone Sour
  Through Glass - Stone Sour
  Wicked Game - Stone Sour
  Dying To Live - Jonny Lang
  Get What You Give - Jonny Lang
  Give Me Up Again - Jonny Lang
  Leaving To Stay - Jonny Lang
  Lie To Me - Jonny Lang
  Matchbox - Jonny Lang
  Save Yourself - Jonny Lang
  Thankful - Jonny Lang
  That Great Day - Jonny Lang
  G.I. Blues - Elvis Presley
  Dirty Dancehall - The Zutons