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Go Higher de Kasino é a música mais recente adicionada na playlist

  Feels Like Heaven - Dj Bobo
  Try Me Out - Corona
  Dancing With An Angel - Double You
  Floating Love - Dj Ross
  Follow Me - Aly-Us
  Hold You - ATB
  Everybody Everybody - Black Box
  Part-Time Lover - Double You
  Let The Dream Come True - Dj Bobo
  People Talk - Joy Salinas
  This Time - DJ Antoine
  Me And You - Alexia
  Run to Me - Double You
  Ecstasy - ATB
  Ocean Of Eternity - Future Breeze
  Castles In The Sky - Ian Van Dahl
  Don't Stop The Music - 2 Raff
  Underneath - DJ Antoine
  Amazing Life - Dj Bobo
  We All Need Love - Double You
  Lose Control - Double You
  Will I? - Ian Van Dahl
  Close To You - Fun Factory
  Passion - Netzwerk
  Summer Is Crazy - Alexia
  More And More - Captain Hollywood Project
  Sweet Dreams - La Bouche
  Eighty's Stars - Eiffel 65
  Send Me An Angel - Netzwerk
  Open Your Heart - Dj Bobo
  Movin' On - Ian Van Dahl
  Life - Haddaway
  Toca's Miracle - Fragma
  Memory - Fragma
  People Talk - Joy Salinas
  Looking At My Girl - Double You
  Baby baby - Corona
  Go Higher - Kasino