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I was just doing my thing
Saw you walk in with the gang
Got a new girl and she fake
You know I don’t mean to hate
But you could do better with me
I saw you staring at me from the bar
You let me take a hit off of your blunt
Blurry my vision
Then we were kissing
I must admit that I’m having a ball

I drank enough and and you spank it up
No need to be polite
I must be faded need no persuading
Let’s make a good night

Oo when i get you inside it
I’ll rock you all night till the sun comes up
Say you don’t like it when i get this drunk
We can do anything you like
We can be wild

We could start out on the bed
Or move it onto the couch
Normally wouldn’t allow
Putting your hands in my mouth
But I took so many down
Tell me you done this with nobody else
Tell all your friends to go home and be well
We gonna be going
4 in the morning
Or maybe longer I’m feeling myself

I drank enough and you spank it up
No need to be polite
I must be faded
Need no persuading oh won’t you say yes

I may be young but I know enough to get wild
If it feels like a drug am I in love or just wild

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