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Pray For Me (feat. Farrah Fawx)

Qveen Herby

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Pray for me
Tell all of these boys stay away from me
All they wanna do is play with me
Can’t give em the shine when
I can tell a rock from a diamond
Somebody pray for me
Can’t keep all these fuckboys away from me
Tryna stack these coins can’t relate to me
I’m what they desire
Hit em with a side eye and silence

This that fire this that hickory smoke
This that shit that make you wanna hit the lickory store
This that left the other nigga he won't licking it though
But he all in my DMs and I ain't clickin it though
This that oo ain't got shit to prove
Make em come in twos can't refuse
Ok bitch you lose they can't kiss the jewels
This Booshay get it pool wet this that
Every Tuesday sipping Dusse and like but ugh
Lately I been chillin I been chillin real cold
Type a pussy have him giving up the door code
Riding to my crib to ride it in the range rove
Use to overlook it now they wanna lick it so just

I came for the gold they in second place
Turn these deuces lose cut the fuse they can’t come my way
I’m the one they dream bout
They can keep on dreaming
Pull off in the lamb ‘fore I let em get they scheme in
Oh that’s right they talkin bout me
I been swishing Nike
Pushin beats like Iovine
Wanna buy me nice things
Stressin bitch I might be
Got me doin thai chi
Switch the flow up nightly
Make a scene like Spike Lee

Lately I been workin I been cutting my teeth
Muscle on these boys but they game is so weak
Don’t know what I owe ya but the talk is so cheap
Don’t know what they told ya but this pussy ain’t free

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