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Qveen Herby


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I put on some makeup pick me up in your car
Tell me bout your day over some drinks at the bar
8 months ago I met you and I’m still hanging on
This margarita’s talking but you give no response

Spend all your time correcting everybody you ain’t with me
What about the time you slipped and accidentally kissed me
Know I’m in too deep now
What can I do about it baby baby

You play me out like a Nintendo
I keep my feelings on the down low
Stuck on the level of a friend zone
I need a miracle to keep my patience
Do me Luigi all your friends know
Take all my coin and then you head home
If it’s game over then just say so
Why do you always change the conversation

Why do I go crazy when you’re talking to girls
Looking at your mouth trying to make out the words
I have to play it cool and tell myself there’s a chance
I never volunteered for this embarrassing dance

Stacked like a Big Mac
All my time never get back
Sesame buns I’m a kiss ass
Lie to myself when it is that
Can’t do much with a wrist snap
Do too much with your six pack
Held you down like a big strap
Drop these cues but you miss that yeah
Shit show, open mic, no lights
This is where I go, right? This is where I don’t fight?
Anyone you know around here talkin boundaries
Maybe if I leave he won’t wanna live without me

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