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Johnny Is Dead

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Sometimes i phase out
when i look at the screen
When I think about my chance for me
to intervene

And it's up to me to bring back the hop-e
Feeling in the music that you could quote

Not saying that I hate it cause here
I kinda dig it
But what good is a' ear
if a Q-Tip isn't in it

So to stick it in
To inform your friend
Your boy from the hood
Is on that shit again

He has upped the degreese
And dropped the mercury
To splash on the mass
And look to upper class
And win the records spins
That Sometimes goes a win
A fickleness of friends
they sometimes hate again

They always bring up tribe on me
Could not suprive on me
‘cause this is my man's on me
‘cause this is my fams

And here's somethin' new
It's from row for you
So don't miss
‘cause you was tribe on the true
My due sue hassle heart
Don't stop
Your repertoire
As long as you could see
It's you who's staying we

‘cause life is filled with mer…
pills and little pearls and shit
I'm fucking up
a man
I'm tripp'n up

But still
There is a boy
Them people get annoyed
Who's focus is on the feel
Before we get a deal

Cum on!

Think it if life can be a thing
That wilderness is wild to me
But a trip all the Â….oad
I see we're just the same
Think that we're not
where we should be

movin' on we came to
prefect on the street
let's take it a pause
and ensure we eat
and open an end
to criticize the boys
they're out in between
they loose all their boys
they can't keep it down
with Dominic and Brown

And Doe's of other shades
They joy up a way
But wait this frame to add
Like braiÂ… and cap a Pad
And magazine debris
A shit
She gotta see it

I'm no different to you
I goes through it too
I dumpes through the pages
I don't come a age

I'm not a D A T
I'm far from perÂ….cy
I roll the tumble weed
It's just a humble scene
That I present to you
Is just a mister crue
Who burrs a harmony
And sum a melody
Just speaks to where we are
And don't a hopes a jar
A soon we're walking in
A blim to just to say
A cum on!

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