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Old Man Wildin' (feat. Jadakiss & Styles P)

Puff Daddy & The Family

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[Verse 1: Puff Daddy]
Tripolar they gon' say money make me wow
Highroller throw a million dollars in the crowd
G'up flying through the clouds
Only God get high and I ain't a pilot
Couldn't get flyer tonight, desire got fire in his eyes and his stomac
Just wait till you get what you got coming
With the greedy thing, I turn city bank to diddy bank
And I don't care about your piggy bank
You a silly boy, I'm a billy boy
I ain't got to touch it get one at my young philly boys
Harlem renaissance, upper echelon
Check writer the nigga they come and check upon
Nigga please, used to spend g's in a restaurant
7 on the entrée, 3 on the desert
Ask for the job cause you know you need to wizzerk

Hook: Puff Daddy (x2)
You know me you know we don't sleep
Like I was there at the Carter for the Nino speech
Rothstein in casino reach with no ginger
Everybody copying my style it's infringement

[Verse 2: Jadakiss]

Kill shit and get the same time Max B got
This dude with his colorful chains, rap peacocks
As for as the game, I was in it I represent it
Way back when heroine became a epidemic
And the feds are dead, at least a certain percentage
Only hurting your image, your whole life is a gimmick
And we can't click cause you all petty
I done told you I'm heavy, like New York Freddy
It's a honor to meet him, a pleasure to speak with him
Trunk full of champagne bottles with leak in em
Street value say it's a million in each of em
Contracts in the hood ain't no breaching em
Yeah, the profit is tremendous, yup
But the gossip is still endless
No way you can offend us, pita shoot parties with
Madonna in attendance

[Verse 3: Puff Daddy]

Old wild man can I ask you nice?
Swimming in the dark cause the pool got lights
Money in the bank yeah who got dice?
Harlem world double up and I can pull that twice
You got ice and you got ice
Then I must got glaciers, fuck it I got paper
Looking at my house and fuck it I got acres
Drinking the liquor but not using the chaser
If rap's the desert then I'm the oasis
I guess I'm demanding a standing ovation
Look at the map I can land in locations
That's slick talk, two fifth talk
In Cali it's kush but in New York it's piff talk
Why don't you come listen to Mitch talk
Pull in the 6 off
Rich nigga that tricks off
In the telly knocking your bitch off

Verse 4: Styles P
You must want me to blow your brain's out
Did you really know what the pain bout
When you start eating niggas come with their X out
You like fuck it I got my chain out
Fuck I got a couple goons but they don't know what the game
Are they really ready to bang out?
Call my guns nuts so fuck it I let em hang out
She rock X me I'm Alexander Wang-out
Not that clear X from insane to sane now
Cause I see the sunshine in the rain now (I see)
I could feel the loss in the game now
XXX I got a baby on the way now
I be strapped up like get down and lay down
I shred no schools on no shell in the playground
I don't fuck around I don't sniff what I weight clown

Hook: Puff Daddy (x1)

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