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Black Devil


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[Verse 1:Prodigy]
Evil bastard
Cut throat warmonger
Backstabber, betray your own mother
You double tongued, double talk cause you two face-ed
You triple 6 with a hiss like satan
No good snake you only speak lies
Slime bucket scum of the universe
Your eyes reveal that you have no soul
And expose your true colors I see you
From three million miles away
That you's a sneaky motherfucker but you can't fool me
You not my bro, you not my sis
The devil doesn't have a skin color or a complexion
So you not my brother you not my sister
Your skin might be brown
But I know that you down with about two billion demons
Listen just stay the fuck away from me or get killed for treason
Against The Most High
You might got these other people scared of you
But that shit don't fly
Over here we laugh at you but it's not a joke
Because people need to know about the black devil


[Verse 2: Prodigy]
Yeah, the real outcast your time is up
It's not the end of the world, it's the age of aquarius
You's a deceiver
You got the whole world confused in a daze like some rats in a maze
You's a shape-shifter
I don't care if you the pope, the president, or prime minister
King queen, prince or princess
You just fronting for the public and you fronting for the press
But behind closed doors
What really goes on is
Ritualistic, cannibalistic, sadistic, masochistic
Some real sick shit
The most wicked there is that ever lived
Under the sun the infamous day walker
The movie Blade is just metaphorical
Yes, the greatest trick that the devil ever pulled
Is convincing the world that the devil don't exist
People have no clue
They looking for a red man with a pitchfork but that's just not true
Some say that it's the white man
But yo I'm here to let you know if you ain't know about the black devil


[Verse 3:Prodigy]
Knowledge of equality of all people
Even though physically we not all equal
Erase the racism
The only thing I see when I look at a person is good or evil
But the 'black man is god'
Yeah that shit sound good
But that shit don't apply when you try and get a job
This is real world music, reality rap
We spent too many years on that fantasy crap
It's time we deal with the facts
And the fact is you ain't better than somebody because the color of your skin
I did three years in prison
And the white boys showed me more love than any of my so-called niggas
So you can go and ? your doctrine
The only thing that matters is you negative or positive
And you can go to hell even where I'm sure you'll be fine with the rest of your kind
People are so blind, so deaf, so dumb
Which proves you want to battle with the war not done
You might got these other people fooled
But you can't fool we because we know that you a black devil

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