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Lady Cab Driver


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Prince: Taxi, taxi

Prince and Revolution:
Lady, cab driver, can u take me4 a ride
Don't know where I'm going, 'cause I don't where I've been,
Just put your foot on the gas, let's drive

Lady, don't ask questions...
I promise to tell you no lies
Trouble winds are blowing, blowing hard
Get me outta' here... feel I'm gonna' die

Lady, cab driver,
Roll up your window fast
Lately, trouble winds are growing cold
And I don't think I'm gonna' last

Lady, I'm so lonely,
I know that's not the way to be,
Don't like isolation, but the air it makes me cold
Drive it baby, drive it, drive this demon out of me
Take me, to your mansion...
Honey let's go everywhere
Help me 'cause I'm drowning,
Mass confusion in my head
Will U accept my tears to pay the fare

Lady, cab driver
Roll up you window fast
Lately, trouble winds are growing cold
And I don't think I'm gonna' last

Lady, cab driver

Lady , cab driver
Roll up your window fast
Lately, trouble winds are growing cold
And I don't think I'm gonna' last

Prince's Rap:(with sounds of woman moaning
in the background, along with a sqeaking bed
THIS is 4 the cab u want 2 drive and run it all,
THIS is 4 why I wasn't born like my brother, handsome and tall,
THIS is 4 politicians, who were born 2 believe in war,
THIS one... yeah that's for me, that's who that one's 4
THIS is 4 discremination, and egotistic things supreme,
THIS one's 4 whoever taught u how 2 kiss in designer jeans,
Oh, THAT one's for, THAT one's for, where u have 2 live,
THIS one's 4 the rich, not all of 'em, just the greedy...
The ones who don't know how 2 give
THIS one's 4 Yosemite Sam, and the tourists at Disneyland,
THIS one, ooooh, yeah, that's the one
THAT'S 4, that's 4, the creator of man
THIS one's 4 the sun, moon, stars...tourists at Disneyland
THIS one's 4 the ocean, the sea, the shore...
THIS one's 4....and THAT'S 4 u, that's who that one's 4,
THIS is 4 the women, who r so beautifully complex,
THIS is 4 the love, not sex,
THIS is 4 the wind, who blows no matter how fast or slow
Not knowing where I'm going is galaxies better
Than not having a place to go, now I know

serious music or "the bridge"

Prince and Revolution:
Lady, cab driver

repeated several times to end


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