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U Already (feat. Saafir & Rockness Monsta)

Prince Po & Oh No

ouvir : conectando
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Upgrade, evolve, elevate, educate, regulate
Dogs my aim is strong
[?] my everyday so I shake, infiltrate
I'm gonna check you if you wrong
Jeopardize the state, lose your neck
Miss the break me to connect, my expectations is long
I can't wait, pay the debt with respect
Avoid your noise, it's fake, it is what it is and not just a song

So go ahead and hate you already
No, why wait you already
No, why wait, why wait

[Verse 1: Prince Po]
Blasphemy, you left cause ask swiftly
Faggot ass fags miss me, strangle you nas quickly
Banging the smash with me, tangling cash hit me
Kangols and [?] fit me, i'm a hundred just ask 50
Start up a mean movement'you out of a G unit, smarter how we do it
I taught them to be fluid, spotted the seas to it
Hotter degrees to it, you got 'em [?]
Hating cause I'm a hitter
My kicking got you billing infiltrating bullshitter
Broke and still owe me, always smoke for free, homie
Most see that you phony, nope that's not what you told me
But you cool, I'm illmatic, I'm smooth, you real erratic
Still running, I bust that, you whatever, I'm fuck that'
I'm Prince Po you that nigga
I'm Oh No you go figure
I'm fo sho' as Saafir and Rock oh?


[Verse 2: Saafir]
I'm back in the saddle, I'm yanking these brains
I'm braking paper, chasing'
I'm aching to hit this caper
I'm tired of waiting like an anchor to bank these statements
Tell a tell a shaff yella oooh
Here to take it no mast, so fast
That metaphor right there, shaking
Meteoric to rise, I spotted the spy
I seize your disguise, leaving your community
Eyes bleed blood with the lies
So it's perfect timing to tear your ass right out the line
That fits the rhyming to see shaft thinking
Who the fuck you kidding, nigga
We gonna leave your ass stinking
Ain't tryna dump a body tryna be a hot commodity
For show me you know me
I'm cloud nine, with clips
That won't cloud your mind with shit nigga you already


[Verse 3: Rockness Monsta]
Hey, yo, I'll bombard these [?] from comin' round here
[?] and bum rush them without a crown here
Subpar with it [?] clown queer
And the rest [?] you sound scared
No, you sound weird, no, you sound like a rare breed of bitch
Who would rather leak info than to leak out tears
Sound real? fuck up the circle
Let's bring it [?]
Don't play with me, watch what you say to me
Clip full little ho tell 'em no vacancies
Wake and bake sleepers no bud, bed or bakery
Little homie in the back, strapped, no baby seat
Upgrade your G, elevate your steeze [?]
Wait and see, watch me make this cheese
Still claim the street


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