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Bearz (feat. Roc C)

Prince Po & Oh No

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See they're all ears and still can't hear me
I'm a wandering brown bear, sleepers gon' fear me
Haters toss long spears, still can't get near me
Their skills rated in dog years, my claws’ll slash deer meat
Charging through these dark forests at mach speed
Dodging thorns, bushes, snakes and rock and barked trees
Exploring my option, touring across continents
Shredding you critters, but I'd rather eat berries and dark leaves
My wounds heal quick, the birds is my iTunes
The moon keeps me lit, a survivor on dry dune
Baboons always trip when the flower rise at high noon
A dragon fly dip across masses of pastures that capture life
And all that it has to offer, master forces when apes appetite
A sacrifice more than the action Christ
To remark on my poetry's, facts of life
Galactic, shit is the moonwalker

Need a bigger come up, no more picnic baskets
Berries in the stash kit, fit for the masses
Peripheral 20/20, no time for fasting
Winter was on the creep, I'm sleeping through the badness
Wandering in the stream, beams on the edible
Once white for the paw, a four legged animal
Never was into honey, I'm funny with the mind state
Out of towners come in, then I'm boosting up the crime rate
Far from the typical innocent, could get too
Minimal to principal, acquired in my habitat
Sit with the Indian chiefs, dwelling in the spiritual
Running at cunning speeds, excessive is my appetite
And before we capture, travel through pastures
Beyond an opiate piping, a panda pumping out a cub
I'm on some shrub where the beetle bugs can hide out
Shooters in camouflage, out-step the night owl

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