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Prince Po & Oh No

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You know it's grind even when I sleep
Like teeth
Ice cold bangers, the beach
Summer heat
Told you dawgs that problems is coming
We Freddy Cruger on crabs, we wanna sleep
Slipping outta position, then smash on 'em
You end up miss and put cash on 'em
Soldiers don't have to roll deep
25 hours, 8 days a week
Motherfuckers, make room for these starving
Live in the plot, tasting roofs, yeah
We plow on the stalkers
Elevated, fix world wide
That's the pride, I sponsor them
Only money's on your mind
Then we'll rob your conscience
Now, lets return the love to the music
Hell is toasted on both sides
Call boy got a bit abusive
Recording check have lost their damn mind
Prince Po, mole it in when I bring it
So you can time travel through my cynic
Hit places we all never been
Like Starbucks selling late with gin
So many cats you thought it's focus is funny style
Assholes broke and wonder why
Bout to get it, and I mean right now
Gotta eat, someway, somehow
I'm modern days hustlers like Logical
For petty crimes getting football numbers
When we all off-springs of loyalty
You see the dial, you shook it all from us

Hunger from the hood
But when we got it good
We never gave back
I did, and stayed fat
Told you motherfuckers to
Stop getting the twisted
Oh, cause of ruffus the pole
Shit is the business
Now party! Like it's the last day on Earth
With Q-Nomics, can nobody Jones design this skirt
Shout it! To return you blood suckers to the dirt
Q-Nomics, to remind us that life is worth

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