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The Gods Speak (feat. Killa Kali & Killer Ben)

Planet Asia

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There’s 5 stages of the mind
The conscious mind, the subconscious mind
The super subconscious mind
The magnetic mind and the infinite mind

High frequency flag universal
Do rack smoking a new tag
Quote something deep cause we pulling up the crisis
Escaper, rocking art, sway fans
Be a satellite the ice is papers
Solid carbon knowledge the bars
Apartment artist, we both guard but out cigars lit
The map got me seeing it I’m form a mater gas liquor
What’s inside is danger the summer camp
Murder the disagreeables four double agree the Jays
The wall of my palm is so achievable
It’s going down like clocks spilling and moving ground
I was the tallest popping lord and buying more houses
With marble floors, garage doors and….account

Sitting lotus by the fountain, fiery eyes
Ravage these mountains back to the project
Killer stopping keep mouth that I do the beat about it
We the watch men
Be the doctresses decoy rap like you see a mobster
Build to destroy kick facts and be about here
And you can catch us on lien if you don’t see us out there

Running the ave, me and my boos run heavy
Moon like navy dark like heavy
Bitch halla at daddy, I need my paper quick so
Dig in your purse rocking the perm like
Big worm I spit that shim
Blunts burn as Bentleys turn
Watching this bitch burn
I learned the game at a young age
Must drag a bitch face do get a big face
Gucci loafers and stupid

K Gucci boots to surround the apes
I’m from the valley of greats
Where killer really prove you the way
Knowledge yourself embedded in the whole click
Self taught Asian gotta get rich bitch…
You feel my struggle on the Bahamas side
You going down the cut reservoir try to ride in store…
While your were sleeping on high peeping the..
Following other covers try to..

Grinding on top of us they hop
This man told me he had the purpose
Your majesty a reckless corner store
But she ain’t calling…
Jesus The nastiest my melon and felon it
Every moment it told me it’s even impressionable
Don’t make me shoot your face up paralyzed
Hiding after the table after the smoke flies
Crack bleaker…eloquent speaker

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