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Pharoahe Monch

D.R.E.A.M. (feat. Talib Kweli)

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Pull myself together, put on a new face
Climb down up the hilltop, baby - ooh, I get back in the race
Cause I've got dreams, yeah, dreams to remember
Yeah, yeah, I've got dreams, oh dreams to remember
Help me out

Yo, my destiny rules everything around me, dream, get the money
Dollar, dollar bill y'all
Everybody put their palms in the clouds, get your hands in the sky
So it's not a problem to feel, y'all
Even if I was broke as fuck I would lend you my last so you can holla at me still
PMC in the place to be on the M.I.C still spitting that real
Yo, you know the limericks are limitless, not limited in sentiment
But increments of infinite potental in the scenes
You could benefit from getting off of the internet
For just a minute, it's a simple song
You could sing or Memorex, I meant mimic it
When it hits the spirit it pulls the heartstrings
Infamous and kindred, it's intrinsic when it's still in us
From the genesis when we remember to dream, just.. dream
(That means you)

I've got dreams to remember
I've got dreams, yeah dreams to remember
Help me out

Yo, my determination runs every aspect mentally, I'm no dummy
This scholar got skill, y'all
Can't take what I visualise from it, you pull the wool over my eyes
I swallowed the red pill
Even if I was broke as fuck I would lend you my last so you could holla at me still
Everybody put your palms to the clouds, get 'em up in the sky
So it's not a problem to feel
Welcome to the Age of Aquarius in the stages of various schemes
Precariously I escape when I dream
Each scene should win an Academy, put it up on the screen
My strategy: Pharoahe's the king of Queens
Who fiends for teens to view it as the new theme music
Use it to shape their futures when they daydream to it
Never elusive, never claim stupid
Lucid, boost your recruits when you sing to it and just.. dream
(That means you)

I've got dreams

You know I'm down right excellent, about my scrilla, get the money
Dollar, dollar bill, y'all
I got you strung out on the music so I'm sort of like a dealer to a junkie
Swallow that pill, y'all
Sometimes it rains in Southern Cali and Philadelphia ain't always sunny
Just keeping it real, y'all
Talib Kweli in the place to be, yeah, you better believe
Come on, you know the deal, y'all
Five o'clock in the morning, just getting home from last night's performance
When I'm dead tired from touring I hit the coffin
I'm like a vampire required to stay dormant
Out of the range, the sunlight with a doubt it'd remain
I used to smoke so much weed that it clouded my brain
I took a break, had to find life's meaning again
Without the smoke in my lungs I started dreaming again
I dreamed of candy-coated cars and panties that go with bra's
Hurricanes named Sandy, I'm floating on Noah's ark, what?
Police'll bleed blue cause he staying true to the uniform
Dennis Rodman in North Korea looking for unicorns (that's ridiculous)
The truth is I'm one of the best
And when you snooze that's when you meet the cousin of death
So when I say I never visited the cousin, I don't sleep
I stay awake to the ways of the world cause shit is deep (dream)

I've got dreams to remember
I've got dreams, yeah dreams to remember
Help me out

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