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Paul Wall

That's the Way Luv Goes

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I met this girl at the mall, she was shopping and such
She had a Louie bag matching with the make up clutch
Short hair, low cut, she ain’t need no brush
She had a smile angelic, make a grown man blush
When she looked in my direction, built adrenaline rush
So I, I approached with caution, I did not rush
I turned my swag up and touch and made eye contact
I told her Hello how ya doing? Where your boyfriend at?
She replied she was solo, I told her that was loco
She said her name was Coco, from somewhere by the …
I got to know her, I picked her brain like a photo
Walked her to the car then we bounced like a pogo, stick
4 months passed us by quick
That girl was way more than just an one hit chick
But little did I knew one day I’ll be sick
Cause I fell too fast and got tripped by a trip

That’s the way luv goes, that’s the way luv goes
That’s the way luv goes, that’s the way luv goes

Whoa, our love was on the road
It began all slow start to spread like more
She’s the only one I hold when the weather was cold
Everyday with my boo, no time for my bros
Now my mama used to warn me about the thorns of the rose
But I couldn’t see the truth cause my eyes was closed
Our love was getting bold holding hands out in public
At the club together, hugged up hand cuffing
I didn’t give a damn what my home boys thought
I was too deep in love at least that’s what I thought
But when I was said and done I was hurting
I was shot G, she got around like 2Pac
Facebook flicks, half naked on the yacht
With some fool named Scot,
Cheating from the jump she thought she never get caught
I should have listened to the lessons that my og’s talked
But I forgot

That’s the way luv goes, that’s the way luv goes
That’s the way luv goes, that’s the way luv goes

I hate you bitch, …to zero
That’s what I get for trying to save her like a hero
I’m here feeling weaker than 4 months of kimo
Was off of my note
So now my heart got repo
The whole time we spent together was just a waste
The things you go through for a woman’s embrace
No grace, man I’m such a disgrace
My partners looking at me like a shit on my face
I ain’t joking, but they laughing like I’m
I used to be player now I’m with no emotions
Drowning in drinking and smoking
I guess it’s when your gets broken
Now my heart frozen, my love got stolen
So I’m poking everythang, that’s the way that I’m coping
She calling to apologize, bitch quit posing
No l so fuck these hoes

That’s the way luv goes, that’s the way luv goes
That’s the way luv goes, that’s the way luv goes
That’s the way luv goes.

No Sleep Til Houston
Gravadora: SMC Recordings
Faixa: 12

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