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Bad Side of 25

Patrick Stump

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You wake to grab your shovel, See your breath it's made of tar.
It's a subzero archaeological dig to find that artifact of a car,
It's 1992 Corolla with a busted left tail light
But you're always reminded the oil one works right

And all the good old boys are playing bad new songs
On the country station while the city moves on
All the hot young things, they don't age like wine

I'm on the bad side of 25,
I'm on the bad side of 25

So you swivel out the driveway
Of this tundra you call home
And bumper car your way on back to work
It's a place you hate to know so well
And yet feel so unknown
So you hula the snow off your parka all alone

What I've seen might air supply your hard rock spine
I've lived long enough to see some good friends die
It's a dangerous time to be a friend of mine!

I'm on the bad side of 25,
I'm on the bad side of 25

Some people fade like evening, Some just never go away
But there's simply no place safer than the bank the day after a robbery

So you wake to grab the paper Sip your coffee too much grind
You don't so much mind the aging, You just mind the getting wise,
Mix two parts jack with two bloodshot eyes
And you still feel cheated when your buzz subsides
Put your poor old parents through sleepless nights!
Still on the good side...

How old will I be when I try to freeze time
And my age degrades into a well worn lie,
She looks 18 between you and I?
I'm on the bad side of 25,
My line til I slide by 35 -
Make that the bad side of 45!

If you remember the Berlin wall, sing it
If you remember before Chernobyl, sing it!
If you remember before Mike Tyson was the champ, sing it!
If you remember the Super Bowl shuffle, don't sing it!

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