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Stay Young

Okkervil River

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Young, stay young
Stay strong, don't get on with it
Gone, way gone with it
It's all done with it
You're all done

All my friends are running to live
On corners
Hurters and the haters and the faders
And the mourners

The world goes to its work and it heads not gentle
And what it breaks you down into
All my friends are looking in life
And it's a lone, lone, lone, lonely child
I said that when you met I was just tired
I said it to know, I said it in silence

Young, stay young
And face y'all now, our time to quit
Strong, stay strong
Mind blowing that y'all drum sick

All these hateful people judging and hand bringing
Lord, why don't you bury me in all they call sinning?
Open up your heart, show me the place where love is missing
How long have you been missing love?
I said all creation posing and diving up between them
Now you have to live it up because my head is spinning

I try, try hard
To talk with you
And talk your god
Of love, of trust
Just me and your love

And I call to all my friends
All the cracked could set a thriller
All the hand inside a tiller
And a hundred job a biller
Settled by the stone
I was rejected by the builder
There was drinking out the thought
They carried from the bloody building
Never let it be said that it wasn't really
The shit I know you're missing, girl
Then I'll pass the edges of the earth and make it wider
I see you're crying
Don't you know it's killing me?

I climb, climb up, way up
To see the sun
One, one job
One life, one love
Is all we got

Young, stay young
Get tough
Get hard with this
Young, stay young
Heart racing, sky raining
Young, I said let it come
Let it come
Stay young
Stay young

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