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Marine monster stuck in Indian summers
And damns on the line but funny is the photo
It's floating away, going away on the tide
Crystalized wished like kids cried for Christmases
Ticking off lists with the pens and the fists
Before floating way, going away on the tide
On the back of a beast and in that charge
Down a broken beach, the little stars
They spin the shots, the shards light on down
To the mouth of the sea and the morning comes
And in they carve the edge of the world
And the locks of fire go lying around
What when you heard it say forward first
Transfer through the person, a mystical blur
Got you going away, floating away on the tide
Everybody ran basements, and pit falling caves
And crackling tapes cause faints
Well, this songs means I'm going away, I'm floating away on the tide
Down the bloody beach with a burnt out car
So little I see, there are slicked out stars
All screaming for a distant, high roof
And the fizzed out snow, look out, folks scream
And saw a broken ghost in an old soap scene
' out, follow my rules
I had a vision of everything hidden
But always around me, it fought me, it found me
While floating away, going away on the tide
Shooting through time while my eyes getting glassy
And land while I watched seasons rocketing past me
They're going away, a little more every day, all the time
On the balcony in the brilliant sea where 'need
A voice spoke to me and said these things just gotta be
I don't know why, and I said here's to the freeway flasher
Here's to the desperate dasher, gone, I'mma keep him from crashing on
And stay one, I know you think you miss him
I know you think you knew him
But you were just passing through the light
And he is leaving now, he's gone

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