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Norah Jones

If The Law Don't Want You

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I love to see them straw dogs 'round my door
Come sneaking 'round my skirt tail looking for more
If you ain't running from the past
You ain't making my heart beat fast
You ain't chugging your paycheck
You ain't hugging on my neck

Well, I've been looking for trouble from the git
Them cowboys back where I come from won't quit
Cutting up tires on an oyster shell
Siren screaming and he's running like hell
Momma's on the front porch staring him down
Ladies at the beauty shop coming unwound

If the law don't want you, neither do I
I ain't got no time to waste my shine
On a puppet with a clip-on tie
If the law don't want you, neither do I

I hired that boy to cut my grass
Nailed down a shingle but it couldn't get past
Staring at the bottom of his low-slung pants
Says he's gonna take me to the big buck dance

If the law don't want you, neither do I

I used to run wild down in Mexico
Hair jacked up and necklines plunging low
Some snake hip shirt rip giving me lip
Rifling my purse and stealing my tips
There's something 'bout a man can affect that lean
Keeping his hat all yanked down mean

If the law don't want you, neither do I
Play born to lose and you light my fuse
I'm a sucker for a bald-faced lie

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