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Nipsey Hussle

Change Nothing

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Don't ever talk about the shit I'm 'bout to do
Don't ever lie to hoes, I just tell the truth
Don't ever put the pussy on a pedestal
This money is the motive, everything after the revenue
I swear to God that's what you better do
Cause in this life it ain't no tellin' what's ahead of you
These niggas done went federal
From young reppable niggas killin' it's all sectional
Now this is the reality we wrestle with
Where every nigga down to die for what he represent
Where every murder is a mission rooted in revenge
You make it out alive in one piece you set precedent
And then you start accumulating presidents
You lookin' like a legend especially when your record spins
Then you pull up in a six with a set of twins
And like I never thought I'd see you in the set again

I'm gettin' paid, but that ain't change nothin'
I'm gettin' cheese, but that ain't change nothin'
That ain't change nothin' my nigga
I'm gettin' paid, but that don't mean nothin'
I'm gettin' cheese, but that don't mean nothin'

I swore to tell the world if I made it out
The truth about these LA streets and all what they about
The paranoid emotions when they stake us out
When we pull up thick in some foreign shit at the geisha house
The losses that we took when they raid the house
The bitches that I seen when I laid it out
The only important thing is the paper route
The motto I embody the prophecy as I play it out
Smilin' faces rockin' diamond bracelets
Murder cases that's probation when your pockets make ya
I'm stuntin' or something that cost a lot of paper
I ain't fuckin' with nothin' that don't look like a spaceship
And that's the realest shit I ever spoke
Pull up in the shopping center with a centerfold
My windows up, my ceilings closed
Chopper still on me if you didn't know

And at this point, just take it to the next level
Niggas they grindin' so hard
Came so far
Travel the world
Got all type of money
And this shit still don't stop nigga
All I see is new opportunities, new arises
Real young niggas came up from nothin'
This is how I live

Gravadora: All Money In No Money Out, Inc
Faixa: 14

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